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Thumbnail Klassische Weinprobe von autochthonen Weinen bei Tommasone Vini auf Ischia
Forio, Neapel
2 Stunden
Von 45,00 €
“ Geführte Besichtigung der Weinkeller und Verkostung auf der Panoramaterrasse. Eine Verkostung von vier klassischen und repräsentativen einheimischen Weinen von Ischia”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

La Pietra Di Tommasone is a product of passion and care, but above all, an old family tradition. More than hundred years ago, antgrandfather Pietro Monti, and then Tommaso Monti gave life to a story that continues today with La Pietra Di Tommasone of Antonio Monti. At Ischia grandfather Tommaso Monti, called “Tommasone” during the Sixties produces wine for his family. The wine, bottled in small quantity, and commercializted on the local market at Ischia. However in 1980 when Tommasone dies, the family tradition is interrupted, because Tommaso’s son Antonio moves to Germany. He follows his passion, catering. On March 19th 1982 Antonio marries Birgit Monti, a german girl. The couple get two daughters Lucia and Barbara. In 1987 Antonio’s biggest dream comes truth. He opens his own Restaurant at Cologne with a lot of success. With a lot of passion, care and work also today he looks for his Restaurant. The other passion is the wine. The memories of the wine and his father’s teachings let him coming often to Italy, back to his beloved Ischia. One day coming back to Ischia he has the great idea about starting from his origins again and reviving his own traditions. At the end of the 90th Antonio decides to start his new adventure, the viticulture the old tradition of the island of Ischia, one of the oldest wine-growing regions of Italy. In 1999 are planted the first young vines of the typical campanian and ischitanian grape varieties. In 2004 La Pietra Di Tommasone is born. The name of the winery is dedicated to the father Tommasone and to the old cellar made in a rock. With the harvest 2004 begins the production of the first 30000 bottles of wine. At the same time the daughter Lucia studies in Germany for becoming a winemaker. In this occasion she makes a lot of practical experiences in German and Italian wineries. The family tradition will continue. On February 21st 2009 Lucia moves to Ischia for continuing the work, which her father began.

The estate today has an extension of 7 hectares of vineyards, all of them located on the island of Ischia, the diamond in the gulf of Naples, in the South of Italy, in the commons of Lacco Ameno and Forio D’Ischia. The vineyards are installed on volcanic soil with good phosphorus contants and potassium. The system of viticulture is the traditional French “Goujot” with a plant density of circa 5000 vines per hectare, with a careful clone selection for each of the vines, giving a yield of 7,5 to 9 tons per hectare. The range includes autochthonous varieties for the white wines: BIANCOLELLA, FORASTERA and FIANO and for the red wines: AGLIANICO and MONTEPULCIANO. The meaning of the estate is: “MAKING LESS MEANS MAKING BETTER” (a native tradition epitomizes quality.) For making a selection of the best grapes, the harvest of them is only handmade. This gives the guaranty to have a final product with a high quality. The episode for the harvest is September/October.