Ein Erlebnis buchen

Thumbnail Von der Rebe zum Glas Weinprobe in der Bodega Sarmentero
Penafiel, Valladolid (Ribera del Duero)
1 Stunde
Von 15,00 €
“ Begleite uns auf dieser fesselnden Reise, die Bildung, Erkundung und den puren Genuss feiner Weine verbindet.”
Thumbnail Charcuterie- und Käse-Paarungstour in der Bodega Sarmentero
Penafiel, Valladolid (Ribera del Duero)
1 Stunde 30 Minuten
Von 22,00 €
“ Für diejenigen, die sich nach Abwechslung sehnen oder einfach alles haben wollen, ist dieses Erlebnis genau das Richtige. Käse, Wein und Charcuterie - was will man mehr?”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Sarmentero is placed in a castilian house backyard in the tiny town of Quintanilla de Arriba, Valladolid. The property was acquired in 1942. Until that year, the house was part of the three miller houses of the town. From 1942 the house was dedicated to the production of tiles, cattle breeding and wheat and barley growing together with wine production for personal use. Generations of vine growers gave us the knowledge and the discipline, the love and the passion for wine to show its best nuances. Amparo Repiso, fourth generation winemaker, decided to go further with her dream and start her own winery in 2004. She started with just one barrel of wine, 60 gallons. That wine succeeded among everybody so much so she decided to keep producing wine and has been slowly increasing the production little by little to this day. After many years of winemaking in the small adobe pens, we decided to renew the building in 2013. A new building that would allow us to work more comfortable and efficiently but preserving the soul of our wine, the soul our ancestors taught us.