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Thumbnail Weinprobe & Besuch bei Bodegas Osca, der ältesten Weinkellerei Spaniens
Lascellas-Ponzano, Provinz Huesca (Somontano)
1 Stunde
Teilnehmer: Minimum 1, Maximum 30
Von €15.00
“Die Bodegas Osca baut ihre Weine aus einheimischen Rebsorten (wie Garnacha oder Moristel) aus und erzeugt so qualitativ hochwertige Weine.”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Our wineries smell of tradition. And living history. The Borruel family, embodied in Gregorio as winemaker, Félix in viticulture and Ángel in management and marketing, we try to honor in the best way a winemaking tradition that maintains the aromas that remind us of knights and feudal lords, since the vestiges of our beloved underground cellars date back to no more and no less than the year 1480, although they also preserve remains of the 19th century. With this weight of history on our shoulders, we try to combine the old aromas of noble aging with the fresh smells of fruit and risky spices, resulting in a studied marriage between tradition and modernity, between terroir and avant-garde... Our commitment to this modus operandi is translates into the interest in producing modern wines with autochthonous varieties such as Macabeo, Moristel or Parraleta.

Bodegas Osca –the oldest in Spain– are open to anyone who wants to breathe this amalgamation of barrel, leather, skin and stone essences from the very ground of a small-production family winery, where anyone who enters will be welcomed and will see work for the same people who support this little piece of history... for us, a true and beloved empire.

The humility in the production translates into the 1,500 hectoliters per year, jealously cared for and in an absolutely artisanal way, yes, in small stainless steel tanks with a capacity of only 10,000 liters and raised with all the love and knowledge that we are capable of in 360 barrels. French (60%) and American (40%) oak that sleep in the shelter of hundreds of years of history, whispered by medieval perfumes and the responsibility of long years of culture, learning and family passion for wine.

However, the process begins much earlier, in the fields, with its subtle touches of broom and scrub, caressed by a gentle breeze that permeates the air with aromas of orchards, wild fruits, or rosemary. The harvest begins here, always by hand, selecting the bunches directly in each vineyard to then be transported to the winery in small 30 kg boxes with the aim that our grapes arrive whole, fresh and ready to give us all their essence...

Thus, the young reds, rosés and whites will coexist with Crianzas, Reservas and the only Gran Reserva from Somontano, the result of the most elaborate coupage or of the monovarietals Moristel, Garnacha Blanca and Tinta, Merlot, Syrah and Gewurztraminer.

Dare to imagine the multitude of “perfumes” that we keep in each bottle…

As for the future of our wines, it is presented with a complex bouquet where the notes of eucalyptus or the red fruits of the Garnacha stand out, the winery's flagship and variety on which much of our effort and experimentation is focused, which will see its fruits –never better said– in the next vintages.