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Thumbnail Reise in unsere Traditionen und Geschichte durch unsere Weine - Cà Bonetto Weinerlebnis
Salgareda, Treviso
1 Stunde 30 Minuten
Von 18,00 €
“ In unserem Weingut kannst du unsere Weine probieren, die aus den weltweit bekannten Weinbergen in Venetien stammen.”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

My name is Davide Cunial and I am the latest member of the long history of Cunial’s and of this company that, for over 80 years, produces grapes to get one of the greatest wealth of our territory : The Wines of the Piave! Since 2009, together with my cousin Denis Cunial we founded the company Cà Bonetto , with the aim to build the new cellar destined to take on the company Cunial Valerio and Mario whose story begins many years ago and I am very proud to tell you it. The new Cà Bonetto winery of the Cunial family was inaugurated on 13 June 2010, on a sunny and joyful day, animated by music, with the presence of important civil and religious authorities, new and old customers, talented helpers, wine and food for everyone. The structure consists of four distinct parts: the offices with the laboratory for analysis on the ground floor, the meeting room on the first floor, the sales point with bottling and bulk wine, the area for harvesting grapes and processing - wine storage. The study of the cellar complex and of the premises from which it is composed, the dimensions and the position of these, the equipment and the installations, was carried out by technicians and experts in the sector in order to obtain the greatest functionality in the work during the whole year, while taking into considerable consideration the aesthetic side and the visual impact of the customers who come to visit us in the company.

RABOSO The first plot, which is located in the south of Campobernardo, close to the river Piave and behind the cellar, is composed of clayey and loamy soils, quite heavy and rich in minerals, where the famous autochthonous red wines Raboso, Carmenere and Merlot grow, together with the golden Verduzzo with its strong character . PROSECCO CHARDONNAY The second one is the largest part of the company. Located in the north of the village, it has a medium type soils tending clayey, less rich in minerals and in want of fertilization during the vegetative vintage. In fact, in this area, varieties used to produce lighter wines with very elegant bouquet as Chardonnay, Riesling, Prosecco, Marzemino, Cabernet sauvignon and Refosco are cultivated. MERLOT RABOSO FOR ROSE' WINES The third part of the vineyards is located in Candolè, a small village of the municipality of Salgareda where there are medium texture soils, less clayey than the previous and here we have red varieties such as Merlot and Raboso of the Piave , suitable to get our best rosé wines.