Über das Weingut und die Weine

With 5 generations of experience behind, in 1981 the Pizzolato Settimo&Gino farm was created. Initially, the company dealt with cattle breeding, vine growing and fruit and vegetable harvesting. Rich of the experience of five generations that preceded him, Settimo chooses to increase the biological richness of his company. He keeps in balance the ecosystem of his countryside and organizes the winery in order to make wine with respect the healthy and genuine grapes coming from the vineyards. The winery obtained the organic certification in 1991. The project of the winery aims at involving in time every aspect of the production process: from the use of clean and self produced energy, thanks to a photovoltaic system placed on the roof of the winery, with its 570 solar panels installed in 2017, to the reduction of waste through the latest generation systems such as the biological and low energy purifier. The building has a "skin" consisting of a covering-filter made of wooden planks placed vertically of PEFC certified Cansiglio Beech, whose oxidation will contribute, over time, to the integration of the structure in the landscape. The paved outdoor area is used for events and demonstrations related to the activities of the company. In 2020 the winery was selected among the 30 MOST BEAUTIFUL WINERIES IN ITALY.

“Organic” is our lifestyle and therefore it was easy to obtain the official certification. We were already organic! We daily face the complications to grow in an organic way. When the difficult years test us, in order to protect the grapes, as we cannot and we do not want to use pesticides, it is necessary to perfectly know the natural systems. This is core of what we do. To grow organically is a matter of sharing knowledge and deep respect for the land, in return it repays us with wine that has incredible quality. Whilst we farm in a traditional way, we also use the latest technology that helps us: we perform tests in the fields with agriculturalists, we test and benchmark our new products. We are pleased to inform you that our wines are now certified as Vegan.


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