Über das Weingut und die Weine

Established in 1800, Casa Vinicola Criserà boasts a long family tradition of love and dedication to vineyards and good wine. This calabrian family has a long winemaking handed down from generation to generation. Today "Criserà winery" is growing and flourishing more and more in size, importance and reputation and has developed in the course of so many years pursuing its aim of making wholesome wine from high quality grapes using the most modern technologies in order to be highly competitive. Renowned specialists help achieve stringent quality standards in order to satisfy the most demanding and knowledgeable clientele.

Nerone di Calabria Armacia Costa Viola Rosso Scilla Costa Viola Bianco Lige - Rosso, Rosato e Bianco Duale - Rosso, Rosato e Bianco Arghillà Pellaro Calabria - Rosso, Rosato e Bianco Cirò - Rosso, Rosato e Bianco Passito dello Stretto Grappa dello Stretto


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