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Thumbnail Weinprobe Workshop "Geist der 2 Ufer" im Château Tourteau Chollet
Langon, Gironde (Bordeaux)
2 Stunden
Teilnehmer: Minimum 1, Maximum 10
Von €20.00
“Besichtigung des Weinguts und Verkostung von 5 Weinen, begleitet von einer Platte mit lokalen Wurstwaren.”
Thumbnail Weinprobe Workshop "Spirit of Graves" im Château Tourteau Chollet
Langon, Gironde (Bordeaux)
1 Stunde 30 Minuten
Teilnehmer: Minimum 1, Maximum 10
Von €15.00
“Besichtigung des Weinguts mit einer Weinprobe von 3 außergewöhnlichen Weinen des Weinguts.”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Since its creation around 1760, Château Tourteau Chollet has benefited from the quality of its terroir and has been recognized as one of the greatest Graves growths since 1943. A fabulous terroir: a gravelly-sandy plateau on the third terrace of the Garonne, where the vine loves to bloom. On this terroir imbued with the woody scents of the Landes forest, the property benefits from an idyllic location in the heart of the Graves, to produce silky and gourmet wines, all in elegance.

To enter the world of Château Tourteau Chollet is to discover the deep convictions that animate a property: respect for the typicality of the terroirs, the quality of the wines, the confidence in a bottle that characterizes the know-how of great wines.

The history of this spectacular winery dates back to the 18th century. Since 1943, Château Tourteau Chollet has been one of the largest producers of Cru in the Graves region. Their property covers an area of 63 hectares. 56 are red vines and 7 are white vines. The grape varieties for the red wines are 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 7% Petit Verdot and 8% Malbec. For the white wines, the grape varieties are 90% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Semillon. The soils of a gravelly-sandy plateau of the Garonne contribute to the elaboration of high quality wines at Château Tourteau Chollet.


Château Tourteau Chollet is one of the first wineries in France to have obtained the HVE 3 certification, the highest possible certification for its respect of the environment awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture. Book Château Tourteau Chollet for private events and spend time in the gîte that the estate rents out for an exceptional oenological experience.