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Visita in cantina sapientemente assistiti. Gentilezza e...

Visita in cantina sapientemente assistiti. Gentilezza e competenza. Esperienza che consiglio. Vini da acquistare.
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Un'esperienza sensoriale unica vissuta attraverso grandi vini...

Un'esperienza sensoriale unica vissuta attraverso grandi vini accostati a pietanze ricche di tradizione e genuinità
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Ottimo vino e molto ospitali

Ottimo vino e molto ospitali
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Thumbnail FR-Liebhaberverkostung auf dem Weingut Ramaddini
Pachino, Syrakus
1 Stunde
Teilnehmer: Minimum 2, Maximum Nicht spezifiziert
Von €20.00
“Eine Weinprobe für alle, die gerne Weine in ihrer Essenz verkosten: Probiere 3 verschiedene Etiketten des Weinguts Ramaddini”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Feudo Ramaddini lies at the very heart of the Noto wine-making area, the home of such renowned vines as Moscato and Nero d’Avola, and the green countryside around Pachino, a land of centuries-old vineyards and knowledge acquired over the ages within the walls of ancient wine-presses. Here, where whole generations of countrymen have learnt the rites and the secrets of the noble art of wine-making, Feudo Ramaddini has inherited a great wealth of history and values which has created an intimate relationship between the wine and the land itself and between the wine and the people living there. This has led the company to invest responsibly in new forms of production worthy of the long tradition. The winery where Feudo Ramaddini store their wines and welcome their guests is here in this special place, and the wine pipe-lines still lead from here to the small port at Marzamemi. Here everything is witness to the magnificent history of wine-making in Sicily. The Feudo Ramaddini wine warehouses are at Marzamemi which has been since the 1930s the main place for the exporting of wine in the Noto area, thanks to the railway and the port. Inside the Feudo Ramaddini wine warehouses visitors can see wine-making artefacts and records of the past.

When the grapes we grow become wine, we make sure that every sip speaks of the knowledge – as well as the flavours – of our territory. This is how a glass of Nero d ‘Avola, Grillo or any of the vines represented by our twelve labels, offers the opportunity to taste a corner of Sicily: something that is complex and harmonious and capable of instilling a sense of warmth and delight.

At the end of the vinification process, we bottle the wine in-house adhering to a strict protocol that requires meticulous attention to detail. We use corks in natural agglomerated cork to ensure optimal ageing in the bottle.

We have four production lines, each of which tells – on the labels – something of our island, from ancient folklore to modern Futurism.


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