Ottimo e di qualità

Ottimo e di qualità
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Guardia Sanframondi, Benevent
2 Stunden 30 Minuten
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Von €18.00
“Eine große Familientradition, die bis ins Jahr 1927 zurückreicht, in dieser herrlichen Gegend von Sannio.”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

The tradition brought ahead by the brothers Gaetano and Alfredo Falluto goes up again to the 1927. We are in the heart of the Sannio, in one of the numerous countries of the wine, in an earth that enjoys of a particular climate, where the rows of the grapevines and the green head of hair of the ulivis draw the sunny and uncontaminated hills. In 1984 the decision to go out of the social wine cellar to start working in really. The further breakthrough is in 1997 when the first labeled bottles go out, the call to the weapons of an oenologist, the care in the vineyards where they lower the surrenders for hectare. The results immediately are seen, favorite however from the good midday exposure of the vineyards all in half hill. From 1138 to 1460, the Sanframondos, feudal lords of Norman origin, were the masters of Guardia, a small commune in the Sannio territory of the province of Benevento. During the four centuries in wich the Norman seigneurie ruled the land, the Sanframondos encouraged cultural, economic and social development, and founded a fortified settlement at what is now Guardia Sanframondi. The territory has its own special site climates where rows of vines and the green foliage of the olive trees cover the unspoilt, sun-kissed slopes. This is the home of the Corte Normanna estate, wich for more than seven decades has applied its skills, heritage and passion to the continuous improvement of quality through meticolous selection, sophisticated technological innovation and the generous efforts of its workers. To taste the wines of such a bountiful land is to discover that the winemaker’s craft is now becoming an art.

White wines: Falanghina, Fiano and Greco Doc Sannio Red wines: Aglianico basic, Tre Pietre Aglianico Reserve Sannio Doc Sparkling wines: Falanghina Brut, Falanghina Extra Dry, Rosè ExtraDry Sweet wines: Passito Falanghina Porta dell'Olmo All wines are doc.


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