Über das Weingut und die Weine

Tenuta degli Angeli marks excellence in the Lombardy region in the wine world, and was opened in S. Stefano in Carobbio degli Angeli in 1984. e vineyard, known as the “bomboniera” (favour) was planted by the great passion and wine-making expertise of the founder Pierangelo Testa, creating a small corner of paradise where the microclimate, the soil rich with calcareous marlstone, the southern exposure, layout of the terraces and man’s great experience all guarantee a unique wine. e baton has been passed onto the female side of the family and Tenuta degli Angeli is now managed by Manuela with her daughters Laura, Roberta and Maria and her son Francesco. In the traditional masculine world of wine making the farm has managed to make its name, with the great sensitivity and determination of these five “angels”.