Política de privacidad

Winedering.com is an online service that offers users ("users") advice about wineries, their accomodations and food and wine tours, both autonomously and guided.

The website, mobile device components, and related applications (together referred to as the "portal") are part of Winedering.

By accessing the portal and using the services available to you, you declare that you have read and understood this privacy statement and the details concerning the collection and processing of information included therein.

Winedering reserves the right to periodically change the privacy policy. We therefore recommend you to take regular vision in order to be aware of the updates.

Scope of application

This privacy statement describes in detail the practices and policies applicable to the collection, use, and disclosure of information about users by Winedering. Winedering is aware that providing your information online implies a high level of trust from users. To this trust Winedering reserves the utmost seriousness and gives maximum priority to the guarantee of security and confidentiality of personal data provided by users through the use of the portal or services.

Data collected

General information

Winedering receives and stores information entered by users through the platform or other means. This information includes data that allows you to personally identify users or contact them directly ("Personal data").

Personal data includes information provided by users, such as name and surname, telephone number, address and email, username and password, and billing data (including credit card number, cardholder name and expiration date). Winedering may also request information about the programs, style and preferences of travel, among them: specific requests regarding the consumption of meals, the choice of their favorite destinations, information on loyalty programs subscribed with airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, class of flight preferred, baggage and ticket purchase options.

You may choose not to provide such personal data to Winedering. However, as a rule, certain information is necessary in order to receive relevant offers from Winedering and its partners and to enjoy the other benefits of registration. For example, only registered members can publish reviews, receive newsletters, and content related to travel opportunities reserved to them, participate in surveys, competitions, and sweepstakes. In addition, some information is required to allow users to ask questions or to initiate other transactions on the portal.

Other information that may be required includes data such as the IP address, the device identification data used, and the online browsing history, provided that such information is solely relevant to the user in question.

Information about third parties

Users have the ability to provide contact details and travel information related to other people through the portal. If a user makes a reservation on behalf of third parties through Winedering, they must necessarily specify the personal data of such third parties. In this case, it is compulsory to obtain the consent of the parties for whom you make the reservation before specifying the relevant personal data, since any access to view or modify such data will be available only and exclusively through the user's account or the personal data of the user in the case of reservations without registration.

Information from other sources

Winedering may also periodically obtain information about users from affiliates, business partners, or other independent third-party sources and add them to other information stored on the users. For example, if a user visits Winedering.com being redirected from a site managed by one of the trading partners and has registered with that partner, the data provided to the partner, such as contact information and demographics, may be shared with Winedering. Similarly, if a user accesses a third-party service, such as a service offered by a social media, through the portal or before visiting the portal, information such as user name, password, and other data made available to Winedering through such services may be collected by the portal. Winedering collaborates with existing and future partners in order to improve and personalize the use of the portal in accordance with the practices described in this privacy statement.

Winedering can use a technical partnership with Facebook in order to offer personalized content on the platform to Facebook users. If a user has logged on to Facebook and Winedering, Winedering's content is customized for that user even if it is the first time he visits the Winedering website. For example, we show the reviews that the user's Facebook friends have published on Winedering and the places they visited. In order to provide such personalized content, Facebook transmits to Winedering the information that the user has chosen to make available, in accordance with the Facebook privacy settings. Such information may include: name, profile picture, sex, friends lists and other information that the user has chosen to make available.

If the user decides to turn off personalization, he/she must first log on to Facebook, then (1) Select "Edit Your Profile" from the dropdown menu "Your Winedering" on the User profile page and click "Disconnect" in the Facebook Connect status box. Alternatively, you can (2) select "Connected accounts" from the "Your Winedering" drop-down menu on the User profile page and click "Disconnect" in the "Facebook settings". You can also turn off personalization by changing the application settings on Facebook. Note: If you have Facebook friends who use Winedering, they may also have shared information about you with Winedering via Facebook. To avoid this information sharing, you can change your Facebook privacy settings.

Automatic information collection

Winedering automatically collects certain information from your computer or device that you use to visit the platform . For example, session data is collected, including the IP address, the Web browser software, and the Web site from which the user was redirected. With the user's consent, some information about the user's online activity may be collected, such as the content displayed, the pages visited, the searches and/or the reservations facilitated or made. The collection of such information by Winedering, is aimed, among other purposes, to better understand the interests and preferences of users to personalize their experience with the platform.

Payment information

If a user makes a reservation for one of the tourist activities at third party vendors by means of Winedering, his/her payment information, relating to the credit card, will only be dealt with by our stripe partner and will not be stored in the archives of Winedering.

Winedering may offer registered users the ability to save information about the method and payment preferences on the platform. If you decide to store this payment data on Winedering, you can add, edit, or delete this information at any time in the Account Settings section.

Information about the location and other information obtained from other devices

When you use an application on a device, Winedering - with your consent -  collects your user's use information in a similar manner and for similar purposes than using the Winedering website. In addition, geographical information may be collected if the user has set up the device to send that information to the application in the privacy settings of the device, or if the user has uploaded tagged photos containing geographical information. The geographical information collected by the device or photos can be used to improve the use of the application and to provide the user with relevant content and promotions of interest. For example, the location data allows you to show the user reviews about wineries, tourist activities or tour operators nearby during the trip.

You can change the privacy settings of your device at any time and then disable the information sharing feature with the application and/or tagging feature to your photos with location information. Note: Disabling location information sharing may affect some features of the application. If you have any questions about your device's privacy settings, we recommend that you contact the device manufacturer or mobile phone service provider for assistance.

Cookie & other web technologies 

To have more information about our cookie policies, click here

Display advertisements/user preferences.

Data collected to offer users relevant promotions

Winedering is committed to providing users with relevant content and information on the sites of their brand.

Data collected by business partners and advertising networks to provide relevant advertising

Many of the advertisements displayed on the Winedering website are provided by Winedering or its service providers. However, Winedering also allows third parties to collect information about users ' online activities, through cookies and other technologies. These third parties include: (1) business partners, who collect information about viewing or interacting with advertisements on Winedering sites; (2) Advertising networks, which collect information about the interests of users when viewing or interacting with advertisements placed on many websites of different nature on the Internet. This information collected by third parties is used to determine the characteristics, interests, or preferences of users in order to show advertisements on Winedering sites and other Internet sites, based on the interests of users.

Note: Winedering does not have access to or control over cookies or other technologies used by third parties to collect information about the interests of users. Practices relating to the processing of such third party data are not included in this privacy statement.

Response to do not track signals

The Web browser may transmit a "Do Not Track" ("DNT") or non-tracking signal to Winedering and other Web sites. Because of the differences between the default settings of the various web browsers and the ways in which browsers incorporate DNT signals, portal operators are sometimes unable to determine whether visitors have selected the DNT setting voluntarily or whether they are aware of the ability to change that setting. Winedering currently does not respond to dnt signals. This approach could be revised if the Internet authorities were to define standards for Winedering to be transposed. At the moment, our policy in relation to cookies in particular is defined below, in the section "cookies and other Web technologies".

Data processing

General purposes

Winedering uses information collected by users for the following general purposes:

  • Allow the registration and management of the account, including access to the portal and its use;
  • Communicate with you in general: for example, send information about Winedering and invitations from the Winedering community;
  • Allow the publication of reviews and other content in the Winedering community;
  • Facilitate travel bookings;
  • Respond to users ' questions and comments;
  • Measure the interest of users in order to improve products, services and portal;
  • Inform users about special offers, products and services, available on Winedering or made available by partners, of interest to users, in accordance with marketing preferences;
  • Customize in other ways the experience of users on Winedering, for example through the personalization of the advertisements presented;
  • Request information, for example through surveys;
  • Resolve disputes or problems;
  • Prevent potentially illegal or prohibited activities;
  • Apply the terms of use;
  • Any other purpose indicated at the time of data collection.

If the user has registered as owner or manager of a winery or tour operator or has published an offer/activity enotourist, Winedering will send email messages to the address specified.

Email communication

Winedering strives to simplify the use of the portal and to allow all users to take advantage of the travel opportunities it offers. To this end, with the consent of the user, we send emails that contain information about the travel interests of users, in accordance with the marketing preferences set by the users themselves. For example, if the user has chosen to receive promotional messages between marketing preferences, following a search for a enotourist activity in Tuscany on the portal, Winedering may send an email with information about the airlines, hotels and/or travel in Tuscany or other destinations. Winedering believes that such email messages offer useful information to users about the special offers available through its sites. Note: The user is always able to choose not to receive such information in email messages, unsubscribe or communicate via email to info@winedering.com his willingness to no longer receive such emails.


In this regard, please refer to the section "User rights and preferences regarding data collection and processing".

Data sharing

Winedering reserves the right to share user data with the following subjects:

  • Suppliers, including, but not limited to, wineries and tour operators, which process the travel bookings made by the users. On the Winedering portal and on affiliated sites, all products and services offered by third-party suppliers are described as such. Information shared with suppliers to facilitate reservations is dealt with in accordance with the privacy regulations of such suppliers, with the exception of payment data. Winedering encourages users to review the privacy, terms of use and other policies of travel providers whose products or services are purchased through Winedering. Note: These suppliers may also contact users, where necessary, to request additional information or to provide information about travel plans, in order to facilitate the booking or for other purposes in accordance with the practices described in the respective terms of use and data protection.
  • Third party service providers or functions on behalf of Winedering, including Business Analytics, payment processing, customer service, marketing, public relations, distributions of surveys or participation in sweepstakes and prevention of fraudulent activities. Winedering may also authorise third-party providers to collect information on their behalf, including, but not limited to, data necessary to manage the functionality of the portal or to facilitate the publication of personalized online advertising based on the interests of users. Third-party providers have access and may collect information only where necessary to perform their duties and are not allowed to share or use such information for other purposes.
  • Business partners with whom Winedering collaborates to offer products and services. The names of third party partners who cooperate with Winedering for the supply of a product or service are shown together with the Winedering brand or separately. If you choose to access these optional services, your data, including your personal data, may be shared with these partners. Note: Winedering does not exercise any control over the practices adopted by third party business partners to protect the privacy of users.
  • Affiliated websites. If you are redirected to the Winedering portal from another Web site, Winedering may share your registration data, such as your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and your travel preferences, with that website. Winedering has no limit on the use of personal data by the redirection websites. It is therefore recommended that all users review the privacy policies of the websites that redirect to Winedering.
  • Companies that collaborate with Winedering. Winedering, with the consent of the user, reserves the right to share the personal data of the users with the companies that are part of Winedering, as well as with the parent companies and the companies and the national and international websites affiliated. This sharing allows you to present to the user information about the products and services, whether or not related to travel, which are of interest to you, in accordance with the marketing preferences set. If parent companies and affiliates have access to user data, they will apply practices of a severity level at least as described in this privacy statement. They will also undertake to comply with the regulations in force regarding the transmission of promotional communications and, at the very least, to provide the user with the option, in all commercial emails sent, to choose not to receive such communications by email in the future.

Winedering also reserves the right to share the information of users, if it considers, at its sole discretion, that such disclosure is necessary:

  • In order to give feedback to orders from the judicial authorities, judgements of courts or other lawful and applicable legal proceedings; In order to ascertain or exercise their rights; In order to defend itself in the event of a dispute; For other purposes required by law. In such cases, Winedering reserves the right to raise or waive any legal or right objection.

  • For the purpose of investigation, prevention or action in relation to illegal or potentially illicit activities; In order to protect and defend the rights, property or security of Winedering, its customers or others; In accordance with the terms of use and other agreements.

  • In connection with any business transactions, such as business transfer, merger, consolidation, sale of goods or in the eventuality of bankruptcy.

If the user chooses to create a profile on Winedering, certain profile information will be publicly viewable and identifiable through the selection by clicking the user name. The user has the possibility to view his profile as it is presented to the public. In addition, if the user chooses to participate in the communication programs between registered users (such as travellers ' networks and private messaging), other registered users of Winedering may contact the user through Winedering; However, Winedering does not share email addresses between users or makes them otherwise public. All members of Winedering have the ability to disable communications between registered users at any time.

In cases other than those specified above, the user will receive a notification when their personal data is shared with third parties and will have the opportunity to not allow such sharing.

Winedering also reserves the right to share aggregated or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers or investors. For example, Winedering may inform advertisers about the number of visits received from the portal or hotels and the most visited tourist destinations. This information does not contain any personal data and is used to develop content and services of interest to users.

Data Storage Time

Winedering reserves the right to retain certain information associated with user accounts in its archives, for analytical purposes and to ensure the integrity of the archives themselves. User information storage times vary depending on the purpose for which the information is collected and used.

Winedering does not store personal data for longer periods than is required by business purposes or legal requirements. Winedering reserves the right to retain certain information for a period after the end of the user account, for example in cases where this is necessary to fulfil legal obligations or to exercise, defend and establish its rights.

User rights and preferences with respect to data collection and processing

  • You may choose not to provide Winedering with your personal information, although this is necessary to take advantage of certain features offered on the portal.
  • You have the right to ask what personal information has been stored by contacting Winedering at info@winedering.com.
  • Winedering undertakes to ensure that the data collected are relevant to the use, precise and complete. You can also review, add, or update the information provided to Winedering by visiting the subscriptions page on the portal.
  • You can add or update the information and close your account, as indicated above. If you decide to close your Winedering account, by in writing to the info@winedering.com address, it will be disabled and the profile information will be removed from the active view. Winedering will send a confirmation email. Note: Once the account is closed, you will no longer be able to log in and view your personal information. However, you can open a new account at any time.
  • Registered members of Winedering.com can change their preferences at any time in the email settings of the "My Account" page.
  • Both members of Winedering and all other users may opt to unsubscribe from receiving promotional messages in emails sent by Winedering.

Note: Winedering reserves the right to send other communications to users, including service announcements and administration messages related to the Winedering account.


For most browsers, the Help section, which is available in the toolbar, contains instructions to prevent the browser from accepting new cookies, to notify you of the setting of each new cookie, or to disable all cookies. Note: If you choose not to accept cookies from Winedering, you will not be able to access certain sections of the portal.

Data protection

Winedering wishes to guarantee users the utmost serenity in the use of the portal and is committed to protecting the data collected. Although no website can guarantee absolute security, Winedering implement and implement physical, administrative, technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data provided by users against unlawful or unauthorized access, disclosure and accidental loss, damage, alteration or disclosure of data. For example, only authorized employees can access personal data and only to perform the permitted business functions. In addition, Winedering uses encryption to transmit personal data between the user's system and portal system and between the portal system and third-party systems with which it shares sensitive information.

Privacy of younger people

Winedering is a site dedicated to a general public and does not offer services for children. If Winedering detects the transmission of personal data by children under 13 years of age, this information will be destroyed or eliminated as soon as possible.

External links

The Winedering portal may include links to third-party websites. If you access other websites from the links provided on the portal, operators of such websites may collect and use your information in accordance with the respective privacy policies that may differ from the Winedering privacy policy. It is therefore advisable to review the privacy regulations published on these third-party websites in order to understand the procedures for the collection, processing and disclosure of personal information

International transfers

Companies, agents and Contracting Parties, employed by Winedering in order to provide services on their behalf, may require the transfer of personal data of users at international level, including territories outside the United States and Europe, in order to provide their services. Some territories may not have stringent data protection regulations as well as those of the United States and Europe. However, Winedering adopts in all cases measures to protect the personal information of users in accordance with this privacy policy and the European legislation on the protection of personal data.

If you visit the portal from a territory outside Italy, your personal data may be transferred, stored and processed in Italy or in the country where the servers are located (Digitalocean) and where the central database (on Digitalocean server) of Winedering is operated. The laws on data protection and other laws in Italy and other countries may not be as complete as the regulations in force in the country of the user. In any case, Winedering guarantees measures that comply with the Italian and European Union laws to ensure the proper protection of users ' privacy. By using the Winedering services, you agree that your information will be transferred to Winedering structures and third party partners with which they are shared in accordance with this policy statement.

Changes to this privacy statement


Winedering reserves the right to change or modify this privacy statement in the future. The date of the revisions will be shown at the bottom of this page and any changes will take effect from the publication. Winedering will notify members of the substantial changes to this privacy statement through alerts sent to the specified email address or by posting an ad on the portal. We recommend that you regularly review this privacy statement so that you are always up to date on the latest version as not all users can receive such updates by mail and, even those who can (registered users), may not receive the message, for example for problems to mail servers (our outgoing customer, incoming client), identification of our emails as spam , accidental deletion etc...

How to contact Winedering


For questions about this privacy policy, contact Winedering:

Winedering Srl

Viale Treviri 89, 63100 Ascoli Piceno (AP) VAT Number 02443010448

Email: info@winedering.com

Recording and monitoring calls


We inform users that calls made to/received by Winedering could be recorded. The recording of calls is carried out for the purpose of monitoring the customer service and is aimed at quality control, verification of compliance with conformity requirements, verification of the accuracy of information transmitted by users, prevention of fraud and training of personnel. Call recordings are retained throughout the period that is reasonably necessary to perform these tasks, and are then deleted. Any other personal data obtained by the user during the calls are processed in accordance with the provisions of this privacy statement.

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