War heute in der Kellerei, wurde sehr...

War heute in der Kellerei, wurde sehr freundlich und kompetent beraten. Für jeden Weinliebhaber ist der Besuch ein Muss.
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Sobre la bodega y los vinos

Outstanding wine is made in the vineyard. That’s why we consider our members – who do the vineyard work – to be the protagonists. Our extremely small structure, in and of itself, evinces the fact that most of the work is done by hand: 190 members scrupulously cultivate 190 hectares in accordance with our strict quality standards. They are located in a municipality that lies at altitudes between 220 and 900 meters, which is unique in South Tyrol.

The Kurtatsch vineyards, which are located between 220 and 900 meters in altitude, are unique in South Tyrol. The majority are located on steep slopes – whether at Brenntal, one of South Tyrol’s hottest sites, or in the district of Graun, at 900 meters. The soil composition of the municipal territory is exceptionally complex. The different grape varieties find optimal growing conditions through the varying exposures of the terrain. Every wine is characterized by its terroir – a term that incorporates all of the climatic, geological and geographical characteristics. Land by land. Wine by wine.