Sobre la bodega y los vinos

Legend has it that many years ago lived in this house a lady alone and one day hit him at the door, a man with beggar looks like. He carried on his back a bag and asked for food and shelter because he had no place to stay. The lady, pity the poor man, gave him food and shelter, despite not knowing his name or where he came from. The man who sheltered in his house was not a beggar but a noble gentleman fled the pirates, who brought the bag a treasure. Upon arrival to the island had been treated by the Jesuits friars because of their weakened state caused by the boat trip. But seeing that she was in danger so I decided to go to the center of the island and there remain hidden. But one day the pirates come to the island looking noble and treasure, than finding by the sea will look for it and eventually find it. The landlady, who had left when she returned found three dead men and his protégé to agonize. He realized then that they had been stealing. Noble did not resist and died and was buried in this building. Not knowing his name the landlady gave him a cross with the inscription "Here lies the brave." Bravo for having killed the three pirates. The treasure, tells the story, is also buried somewhere on this farm. After many years was built the road and as it was much talked about what had happened in this house, the competent authorities gave to the street's name: Lomba Street Bravo Cruz. In 1942, at the height of World War II, this house served as a support to military seeking the big houses for their use so that settled in this parish. Hospital and was served in the officers' mess. Over donates years this house has known several offices in your store such as shoemaker, barber, carpenter, tavern and wine warehouse. Due to its size the former owners leased the store was divided by several tenants while the owners lived upstairs.