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Our goal? We want to help you to get in touch with more than 60.000.000 Wine Lovers from all over the world

Winedering is the first International platform focused exclusively on Wineries and Wine Tours.
Our great advantage? We offer you the most useful and powerful marketing tool aimed at reaching Wine Lovers: the Reviews! It’s because of them that you can become visible and grow, reaching thousands and thousands of Wine Lovers.
Oh, we almost forgot another greatest advantage... Winedering is completely free and very easy to use!
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Do you work for an event organization company or an association? Let us know your future events and we will put them into our system letting you obtain an incredible advantage.
What are we talking about? It’s simple: every time a Wine Lover writes a review he can specify the event itself!
The feeback is published and everybody will be able to see the name of the event with a link to your website or your facebook page!
What does this mean? Advertising, Brand Awareness, Sharing and Viralization, Backlinks and Word of mouth.
How much is it? ZERO! What do we ask? Your Cooperation.
We are implementing this feature, but we suggest you to subscribe right now as our Partner, making this much faster and taking advantage of the visibility on our "Partners" page.

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Would not it be great if you could re-sell your wine tours on an international online platform, with a very highly profiled target of Wine Lovers that are just looking for what you offer?!
Well, thanks to Winedering all this will soon become reality!
You can upload your tours, including interactive maps, prices, dates, conditions, and much more!
Most can push your customers to write reviews mentioning your Company! Everybody will be able to see the feebacks and will maybe click on the link of your tour, looking at your offer with the possibility of buying it at any time!
Yes, the power of a review is really endless...

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