Cantina e Vini

"...My name is Gianfranco Pironti. I’m the owner of “AnticheVigne” .A small wine company in the heart of the ancient Savuto valley in Calabria (South Italy) or Enotria as it was once called- a land where vines grow and wine is produced.

From the beginning in 2004, our company goal has always been the quality of the production. Our techniques produce an excellent, typical d.o.c wine from the local vineyards of the area like for example the sweet Magliocco, locally known as Arvino , the Greco Nero, the Pecorello, and the Malvasia. They all are the key factors for the quality of our wine.

Our productive research wants to experiment with new techniques and technology concerning the latest soil techniques and innovation into the wine field.

At present, the vineyards extend across an area of 14 hectares, located in the districts of Marzi, Altilia and Carpanzano.

The vineyards are located in the northern area of the Savuto Valley, at an altitude between 450 and 800 meters above sea level with slopes varying from 5% to 35%- an ideal condition to avoid water slumps.

Our interest into research has made possible to enhance the company mission with new vineyards and different winemaking techniques.

Our new ideas have enabled us to balance tradition with innovation, establishing a very personal production.

That’s how we can reach our company goal: High Quality..."

We’ll start our tour among the vineyards in alphabetical order, as all of them, with its own specific character, are equally prominent.

Let’s start from Vigna Carito, in the nearby of Altilia district, 500 metres above sea level, where the vines grow. The vineyard is divided into two different sections: upper and lower for an overall extension of about one hectare. This is our oldest vineyard.

On the same altitude, in the district of Marzi, we can find Vigna Britto. It extends across a smaller area (0.7 hectares) and consists of small terraces needing exclusively hand picking.

Vigna Colle Pietà, 800 metres above sea level, is in the district of Carpanzano. This is the only vineyard with white vines and it’s also the youngest one.

It was started in 2005 on an area of about two hectares, according to the latest agronomic technology.

Our trip ends with Vigna Vasci, at a milder altitude of 550 metres in the district of Grimaldi. This is the largest vineyard with its 4.5 hectares of fertile soil.

All the vineyards have the same characters: the soil shows a sandy and rocky texture with slopes varying from 5% to 35%; the vines’ training systems are spur-trained or cane-trained.

The vines producing our grapes are: Greco Nero, Magliocco dolce(Arvino), Mantonico and Pecorello.


Parcheggio Gratuito

Vendita Vino