Freddy Plambek

Dejlige mennesker, herlige vine og forrygende mad.

Dejlige mennesker, herlige vine og forrygende mad.
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Cantina e Vini

The Roero region is especially interesting as the land and soil here has a rich and varied history. The district of Roero is approximately 350 km and contains 23 comunes or townships. The name Roero comes from the Conti-Roero family who lived the area in the 14th century, however, the identity of the territory dates back before the year 1000. Even before the year 1000 AD, the entire "Roero area" was completely covered by sea. This history gives us the sandy and calcareous soil that is found throughout the area. In fact, it’s quite common to see fossils poking their heads out of the many vineyard sites.

We are very proud of every one of our vineyards. We use the utmost care and attention in all of them, maintaining the soil and vineyard treatments our ancestors have used from generation to generation.