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The wines have a high standard, the...

The wines have a high standard, the people behind are very kind. You will have grate wines if you buy there wines. Vintage-Vinimport in Denmark are selling this wines, and I am sure they also can help YOU..
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Cantina e Vini

The Azienda Uggiano was originally set up by a group of Bergamo businessmen with a passion for Tuscan wines and inspired by a wine expert from the French school, Giuseppe Losapio.
In 1976 the vineyard expanded and settled at San Vincenzo a Torri, a beautiful location in the heart of Tuscany, nestled in the countryside in the midst of monasteries, churches and country villas.

Taking the professional reins from Giuseppe Losapio, 3 historical partners came into the business to fly the flag of Uggiano traditions with pride: a carefully selected, young and dynamic team whose main aim was to make people one of the core strengths of the business.

CASINA CUCCI Chardonnay Salento
LUMINOSÌA Chardonnay Salento
CASINA CUCCI Negro Amaro Salento
LE POZZELLE Salice Salentino DOC
PICCOLI PASSI Negro Amaro Salento
LA CARTA Salice Salentino DOC rosso riserva
DEVINIS Salento Primitivo rosso
S SUSUMANIELLO Salento rosso
IMMENSUM Salice Salentino DOC rosso Riserva
DUCA D’ARAGONA Salento rosso
CASSIO DIONE Primitivo di Manduria DOC rosso Riserva
ALEATICO Salice Salentino DOC dolce naturale
PAULE CALLE Salento passito