Iñigo Mtz. de Mandojana

Bodega que está al detalle. Se puede...

Bodega que está al detalle. Se puede hacer la visita solo o con guia
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Míguel Martínez

Nos gustó mucho la historia de la...

Nos gustó mucho la historia de la creación de la bodega, lo viven, los vinos nos gustaron mucho, aunque pueden mejorar.
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Ramón Gabarró Carreras

Visita el 11/8/2016, mucha amabilidad y explicación...

Visita el 11/8/2016, mucha amabilidad y explicación completa en la visita a la bodega previa a la cata. Muy buenos vinos, los saboreamos como se merecen. Esperamos comprar en la tienda on-line cuando acabemos las botellas que compramos.
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Inmaculada Alarcón

Simplemente perfecto. No se lo pierden¡¡¡

Simplemente perfecto.
No se lo pierden¡¡¡
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Cantina e Vini

Our winemaking tradition dates back to 1912 when Pociano Moreno built the first wine cellar with capacity for 18,000 litres. In 1963 the family moved to Barcelona in search of a better future than that offered by farming communities at that time. At the end of 1981 David Moreno decided to leave his job as a Technical Engineer and move back to his village, and put into practice the winemaking knowledge he had learned from his father and grandfather and to make his dream of being a winemaker come true.

In 1988 construction of the current winery began and this has been enlarged, little by little, to adapt it to our expansion, new technologies and the needs of our customers.

The underground cellars with clay and stone walls, Don Ponciano, Abuelo Damián and La Gran Cueva provide our wines with the ideal conditions of temperature and humidity necessary for successful ageing and subsequent bottle life.

In a corner of La Gran Cueva you will find the Santuario Vobiscum, a space behind wrought iron railings in which a small stock of casks made from the best French oak are kept to age our Signature Wine.
From the 100-year-old olive grove and the wine shop to the underground cellars, a stroll around the winery opens up dozens of special spots which recall our history, culture and the PASSION of DAVID MORENO for wine.

The soils of our vineyards are calcareous-clay, alluvial and ferrous-clay.

We grow the Viura variety for white wines and Tempranillo and Garnacha for the reds.

The main plots in which our vineyards are located are: Atalaya, Badarán, Camino Nájera, Camino Real and Valdemaave, situated in the villages of Badarán and Cárdenas, in the valley of the Alto Najerilla (Rioja Alta).

The Harvest is by hand and is usually collected in the first fortnight in October.