Alberto González Díez

Íbamos con la intención de visitar una...

Íbamos con la intención de visitar una bodega familiar pero nos encontramos todo lo contrario. Bodega industrial, con un guión bien estudiado y poco flexible con el que sólo pretendían vendernos su vino (métodos y técnicas
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Agradable y simpatía a la vez producto...

Agradable y simpatía a la vez producto espectacular
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Paula Garcia

Muy buena visita, buenísimo vino.

Muy buena visita, buenísimo vino.
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Cantina e Vini

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña S.L. was founded in 1992 by Pedro Peciña Crespo with his three children in a small winery in the center of San Vicente de la sonsierra, where only “cosechero” wine was elaborated. In 1997 the firm began a new phase, with the inauguration of the new bodega and the elaboration of white wines and aged red wines: Crianzas, Reservas, Gran Reservas.

Pedro´s grape growing accumulated experience over the years in an historical old school bodega was useful to launch his project under his leadership.

The bodega has 50 hectares of own vineyards, an installation to handle 1.000.000 kilos of grapes, 4.500 American oak barrels fitted in three cellars and an two aging stores for 500.000 bottles
BODEGAS HERMANOS PECIÑA is located in the heart of Rioja Alta, more specifically in Sonsierra Riojana, where the vine growing tradition dates back several centuries. In fact, throughout the area we can find numerous stone wine presses hewn out of the rock and situated next to the vineyards.

Sonsierra is a prime area for the vine growing, set among the peaks of the Sierra Cantabria and the banks of the Ebro River, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean climates coexist to give a microclimate that produces unique and unbeatable grapes.

The ground composition is of calcareous-clay with a high proportion of limestone, that allows us to obtain glycerin extract, very important for the elaboration of our wines, which brings softness and volume in the mouth and small amount of potassium to get an adequate acidity.

The microclimate of our geographical location, which comprises only about 40 square kilometres, provides our wines essential features. The North wind avoids pests and rots, the daylight time has an average of 2800 hours / year and the rainfall (500mm per year) is perfect, forcing the plant to suffer water stress and getting smaller grains with higher concentrations of sugar and colouring matter.