Daniel Martinez

No te la puedes perder, una forma...

No te la puedes perder, una forma diferente de entender el vino de rioja. Tratan el vino de una manera clásica, la visita es obligada no tiene nada que ver con las bodegas actuales.
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Alba Tello

Magnifica degustacion con picoteo en su terraza...

Magnifica degustacion con picoteo en su terraza al sol observando las labores de elaboracion. Recomiendo la visita.
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Benjamin May

Pude disfrutar de una visita guiada a...

Pude disfrutar de una visita guiada a esta prestigiosa bodega, las explicaciones de la elaboración del vino, partiendo de la tonelería hasta la elaboración y crianza del vino, así como la arquitectura que conforma esta bodega-viviendade la familia, me pareció espectacular. Un trato excelente.
La antigua arquitectura de los edificios, contrasta, positivamente, con el pequeño edificio super moderno, de la arquitecta Zaha Hadid, destinado a recepción de visitas y punto de venta.
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José Antº Dionisio

Bodega histórica de Haro -La Rioja-. Completa...

Bodega histórica de Haro -La Rioja-. Completa visita de entre 90-120 min. Que culmina con cata de tres vinos. Bonus: regalo de botella Viña Tondonia Crianza
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Luis Olarte Sanz

Excelente bodega clásica, conocida como una de...

Excelente bodega clásica, conocida como una de las catedrales del vino.
Siguen haciendo el vino de forma tradicional en cibas y barricas de madera.
La visita merece la pena y hacer una cata de sus excelentes vinos.
Tiene el ambiente clásico y merece la pena. Además es muy didáctica la visita y entender cómo se hacen los vinos.
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Cantina e Vini

It all started in the middle of the nineteenth century when French negociants visited the Rioja region to find alternative sources of quality grapes to transform into wine, since the phylloxera epidemic had decimated their vineyards. Our founder, Don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic student in the art of wine making, followed closely in their footsteps.

Don Rafael fell in love with the region and especially the area around Haro, the mythical capital of the Rioja Alta region. He observed that there was a magical combination of soil and climate that would offer the perfect environment for producing wine that would eventually become world famous. Around 1877 he began the design and construction of the complex that is today known as the López de Heredia bodega (winery), the oldest in Haro and one of the first three bodegas in the Rioja region.

For over a century our emotions have been rooted in our love and passion for this land and its harvest. We cherish our heritage, and this combination of love and the rigorous quality standards we apply, have become our trademarks and remain our maxim for today and the future.

Bodegas López de Heredia stands out as one of the few family-run bodegas regulated by the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja – DOC (Appellation region).

To consistently produce high quality wines it is necessary to own vineyards, where constant care can ensure a consistent quality of grapes – something which cannot be guaranteed when buying from other growers.

For this reason, Don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta founded Viña Tondonia in the years 1913-14. Tondonia was to become the bodega´s most famous vineyard and product. Viña Tondonia is a beautiful vineyard of over 100 hectares, situated on the right bank of the river Ebro, where the most typical Rioja wines are grown. Apart from Tondonia, López de Heredia owns three more vineyards also set in the Rioja Alta region. These are the "Viña Cubillo", "Viña Bosconia" and "Viña Zaconia". These vineyards are planted to ensure that maximum quality starts in the vines themselves, forming the basis of the reputation of our wines.