Cantina e Vini

The history of the county stretches back for many centuries, and represents one of the richest parts of Rioja’s historical heritage. Wine civilization was a reality here a long time ago. Vines have been domesticated and wines have been produced in the Sonsierra region for more than 2000 years.
The fields are dotted with prehistoric remains, many of which have a connection to vine-growing, such as the dolmen of La Cascaja, the necropolis, the hermitages, rustic dwellings, wine presses and cellars dating back to the Roman era.In Sonsierra the area’s natural bounty has been shaped and adapted by the people living there, through the cultural inheritance of our winemaking traditions and techniques, with traditional rustic constructions such as shelters or guardaviñas that survive the passage of time dotting the roads and vineyards.


Vendita Vino