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La cantina, i vigneti di Masseria Falvo...

La cantina, i vigneti di Masseria Falvo 1727 sono luoghi belli ed interessanti da visitare, i vini
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Cantina e Vini

In perfect harmony with the land that surrounds them, the properties of Masseria Falvo extend between the plain of Sybaris and the Pollino National Park, in the areas around the towns of Saracena and Cassano Ionio . The vineyards are on the slopes of Mount Pollino : a favorable climate , an optimal exposure , a soil which has always been suited to wine growing. Twenty-six hectares of vineyards, dominated by the native vines - Muscatel , Magliocco and Guarnaccia - cared for with the passion of someone who knows that quality wine is made in the vineyard.
A small winery personally managed by Piergiorgio and Ermanno Falvo up to the smallest details, more with the passion of wine lovers than by financial means. White colour on the floor and the walls, stainless steel for the yeasts and the tanks, our winery is perfectly tidy and it is a place where the wines' colours and aromas reveal all their beauty. In the barrel-room French oak tonneaux and barriques (allier, nevers, troncais, centre, vosges) "make the best" of themselves. Structured for a maximum production of 150 thousand bottles at full capacity, on a surface of 850 square metres , our winery has been on since 2010. The oenologist Vincenzo Mercurio, vith his equipe, is our consultant. He is a young, well known and appreciated oenologist, who operates avoiding any external intervention on the wines, in order to ensure the maximum of specificity to the "terroir" and its vines.

Masseria Falvo produces only a small quantity of wines, but all of them are quality oriented. Only perfectly healthy grapes from our own organically managed vineyards are admitted to our winery. Our grapes are picked and vinified by strictly traditional methods.
The boast of our winery is the Muscat of Saracena, a sweet passito, a centuries old delicacy. Actually the first historical note dates back to the XVI century, when the Muscat of Saracena was shipped from Scalea to reach the best wine shops and the papal dining tables.
Moreover, you have the red wines of Mount Pollino . Don Rosario is a "magliocco" grape wine, aged in French oak tonneaux, which reveals the quite peculiar taste of Lagrima del Pollino (Mount Pollino's Tear). It was much appreciated in antiquity, especially by the Sybarites - the ancient Greek colonists, famous for their attention to taste and beauty - on whose tables some red wine from their hills was never missing, to the point that, according to a story told by Athenaeus of Naucratis, there were clay conduits to bring wine from the countryside to the town.

The white wines of Masseria Falvo are obtained from an indigenous vine "guarnaccia", blended in a very small percentage, with other white berry vines grown in our vineyards. Guarnaccia vines are always grown in the old vineyards, according to a centuries old tradition.


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