Nikola Marinkovic

Odlicna vina, dobra atmosfera.

Odlicna vina, dobra atmosfera.
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Milan K

Zlatno vino, ce vin c'est de l'or...

Zlatno vino, ce vin c'est de l'or liquide.
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Aleksandar Marinkovic

Best Serbian wines and beautiful winery!

Best Serbian wines and beautiful winery!
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Cantina e Vini

From the time immemorial the rolling hills of Oplenac were used to cultivate vines. A place of origin of the family Aleksandrović has deep connections with the ancient past. During the Roman times that place was called Vincea, while in the Middle Ages it was called Vinica. Today the place is called Vinča - which is a direct connection and association with the main activity of the local population. In the beginning of the XX century in nearby Vinča, the Venčac Winemaking Cooperative was founded, and then vineyards and cellar of the Serbian and Yugoslav kings Peter I and Alexander I Karađorđević, who spread the glory of wines from Oplenac far and wide, throughout Europe. The Aleksandrović family cultivates vines and makes wines for more than a century. From the very beginning they cooperated closely with the royal viticulturists and cellar masters and also were among founders of the Vinča Winemaking Cooperative.

When the famous royal cellar master Živan Tadić, who immigrated to Canada after the World War Two, learned that the family Aleksandrović was restoring winemaking tradition of Oplenac, he consequently sent to Vinča the original recipe - a blend composition of Trijumf - the best wine from the royal cellars. Trijumf was enjoyed on various royal courts before the World War Two. Therefore, in our cellar, based on yellow manuscript, we started writing new pages of the long family history of winemaking, relying on our ancestors’ experience, latest scientific advances and modern technology.

In order to produce top quality wines Aleksandrović Winery at present cultivates 75 ha of own vineyards planted with the high-quality grape varieties. Located in the Vinča village, close to Topola, our vineyards belong to the Šumadija wine region - Oplenac vineyards.

Vineyards are grouped to three locations which are characterized by different micro climates and type of soil. These locations are known as spots used for vine growing since the ancient times, and the quality of grapes was always outstanding. Taking these facts into account and using our own experience, we strategically planted various varieties at the spots where they can yield the best results. At Vinča, in the vicinity of the winery, we have planted Sauvignon Blanc. On the Ježevac hill, we planted Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Muscat Hamburg and Chardonnay. On the Bokanja hill, where the King Alexander I planned to plant his own vineyards, we planted Pinot Noir, Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

Our key goal in wine production is to maintain and improve the quality of our wines. That is why our winery received many medals at the highest international competitions. Winery Aleksandrović is one of the leading wine producers in Serbia. We are especially proud that our wines are offered at the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Japan, China, Russia, across the Western Europe, as well as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.


Spazi Meeting/Congressi

We also offer to help with the organization of conferences, lectures or business meetings in the specially designed premises within the winery consisting of a 60-seat conference room with video beam and flip chart table.