“ Here the vine is in its habitat, where wild herbs grow around it, it is abound with dragonflies, ladybirds and other insects. ”
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Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
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Here is what you will live

Welcome to Pizzolato Winery. Dive into tradition and history of the winery, one of the first that in 90’s adopted the organic agriculture method. History, tradition and respect for the environment are important part of our philosophy that have enabled us to obtain the organic certification in 1991. A farm whose aim is a continuous research and development. 

The visit begins with a walk in the vineyard and with the description of the working process about the organic farming; then it continues with a visit from the vinification area to the bottling line. 

“Organic” is their lifestyle therefore it was easy receiving the official certification. They were already organic.  They daily face the complications in growing organically. When the difficult years test them, in order to protect the grapes, as they can not and do not want to use pesticides, it is necessary to know perfectly the natural systems. This is core of what they do. Growing organically is about sharing knowledge and deep respect for the land, in return it repays them with wine that has incredible quality. Whilst farming with tradition they also use the latest technology, performing tests in the fields with agriculturalists, testing and benchmarking their new products.

With this experience you'll learn about the importance of organic products and at the end of the tour you'll be able to taste 3 different labels and charcuterie

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Min. 2 persons - Tour in italian, english and german

How much does it costs?

34,90 €


  • Greetings by the wine hospitality manager
  • Winery tour
  • Explanation of the organic choice
  • Wine tasting of 3 wines with food pairing


  • Transfers to and from the winery


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