“ In the very beginning, I just meant to make a ‘good wine for my friends’, then my passion took over… ”
From: €17.00
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Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
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Here is what you will live

Ronco Calino is looking forward to meeting you and taking you on a trip to discover the classic method secrets. The tour of the underground cellar will let you undertake the grape route: from harvest to labelling passing through the primary and secondary fermentation rooms. Every tour ends with the tasting of our Franciacorta wines that represent the result of an unconditional passion for land.

The Ronco Calino Tour is a guided tasting of our cuvée of Franciacorta Brut and Franciacorta Brut Rosé "Radijan", interpretations of our way of conceiving a wine, a land and a production method.

The Pinot Noir Tour Tasting includes a tasting of Franciacorta Brut, Franciacorta Brut Vintage 2010 and Franciacorta Brut Rosé "Radijan" to understand how Pinot noir can shape a wine.

During our tastings, we serve breadsticks and Parmigiano Reggiano made by the organic farm "Hombre". In case of need, we can ask for a quotation of a light lunch or a small buffet.

How to reach us

In order to reach the location, select "Agricola Ronco Calino" on google maps!

Booking Policy & Details

Minimum 4 participants - Maximum 20 participants

How much does it costs?

Ronco Calino Tour: 17 € per person
Pinot Noir Tour: 25 € per person


  • Winery Tour
  • Ronco Calino Tour: 2 tastings
  • Pinot Noir Tour: 3 tastings


"The Master" wine tasting at La Montina in Franciacorta

2 Hours
From €70.00
“The art of making good wine for generations. The satisfaction of sharing a great passion with those who taste our wines and come to visit us”

Wine Tasting at Tallarini Winery

2 Hours
From €14.00
“Discover our wines and enjoy us for a great experience”

Lake Garda Wine tasting experience at Tenuta Sgreva

1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €15.00
“A tour and a tasting among the most important vineyards and wines of Lake Garda at Tenuta Sgreva”

Wine tasting at La Guarda Winery

3 Hours
From €25.00
“A small winery that produces great wines just a few steps from Lake Garda”

Garda Lake full wine day tour from Verona

8 Hours
From €90.00
“If you want to have a special wine day experience at the Garda Lake, this is your tour, with 2 wineries and a great discovery of Peschiera!”

Special wine tasting at Guerrieri Rizzardi

2 Hours
From €25.00
“From 2011 themain winery of Guerrieri Rizzardi was relocated to the vineyard area of Campazzi in the hills surrounding Bardolino. Enjoy it!”