“ 2 different point of view: Pietro, a wine producer and Matteo (Diploma WSET) who will teach how to taste and appreciate a wine. ”
From: €89.00
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Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
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Here is what you will live

Pietro will tell you about the vineyard, the terroir and the wine-making process.

He will explain to you what are the differences in the production of a red, white or rosé wine and he will describe how the “appassimento” and the wine aging process work.

You will have the opportunity to see a unique cellar, equipped with a  gravity-fed winemaking system and a barrel cellar to appreciate and understand the differences between the barrels.

With Matteo, you will learn how to properly taste a wine and how to pair it with food.

Thanks to the experience developed over years of teaching, Matteo will explain concepts such as body, acidity and tannins through direct experiences. He will also give you the basics to understand how to avoid bad matches. All the above with tangible activities, even from home!

This experience is also perfect as a team building activity.

The rate includes the shipping and tasting, but we kindly ask you to purchase a sachet of black tea, 5 centilitres of dried Vodka, the juice of a lemon, a sweet biscuit (or sugar), a slice of lemon, salt, a spicy tarallo (or something similar to a piece of bread).

How to reach us

The platform used for the virtual tasting will be ZOOM

Booking Policy & Details

Min. 2 person

How much does it costs?

89 € per person


  • Virtual tasting
  • Shipment

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