“ Vineyards are a part of the Langhe-Roero & Monferrato wine district, an extraordinary territory recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site ”
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The company practices sustainable winemaking, with manual harvesting, slow pressing of the grape cluster and balanced maceration. Each phase has the aim of storing and transmitting, in whole, the balance and the harmony of the grapes into the bottle all the way to the glass.

Roero appears as a not very organized hill system, with steepand rough slopes, deep and straight valleys, sometimes with sloping peaks and loose rock faces due to natural erosion. Here the cultivation (vines, but also hazelnut and fruit orchards, as well as strawberry and vegetable gardens) alternate with impenetrable woods.

The soils of Roero are younger than those of the Langhe as it is the land that emerged from the waters of the ancient Padano sea later on during the Pliocene phase of the tertiary era. For these reasons, the terrains in Roero are generally softer with better permeability due to a percentage of sand that is higher.

With this wine tasting your main focus will be on Arneis Varietal.  Arneis has always been cultivated in the hills of the Roero district. The first records of the varietal appear in official documents dating from the late fifteenth century, under the names “Reneysium” (or “Renesium”) and “Ornesium”; there is also mention of a vineyard consisting of “moscatellum et renexij” vines. The latter name would seem to refer expressly to what is now Bricco Renesio, in the municipality of Canale d’Alba.

In the eighteenth century, Arneis is mentioned as a grape of the same quality as Moscato, and which, like Moscato, is normally used to make sweet wines or a dry wine which is then used in the preparation of vermouth. It appears in nineteenth-century winery documents under the name “Arnesi white”, as compared to “white wine from miscellaneous grapes”.

In the early twentieth century Arneis suffered from the widespread crisis in wine-growing consequent upon the spread of phylloxera, after which it was sporadically grown as a table grape, or planted alongside rows of Nebbiolo vines to attract birds away from them (resulting in the nickname “white Nebbiolo”), as the grapes ripen earlier and are sweeter.

The first vineyards entirely planted with Arneis date back to the ’70s, when a number of growers began to produce an elegant dry white wine.

The Arneis grape buds relatively early, and is therefore best planted on hillsides which are not subject to frost in the spring. They do not flower until early June, and the grapes ripen in the second half of September.

The tasting will focus on the Whites of Roero

Langhe DOC Favorita Tenuta Carretta has been at the forefront of reviving the Favorita grape varietal, which was previously only considered as a table grape. Today, it is capable of creating a great wine, enjoyable and harmonic, a pleasant and easy to drink wine.

Cayega Roero Arneis DOCG - Cayega is the present and the future of Tenuta Carretta: it is balanced, complex, structured and persistent. A great interpretation of the potential from a symbolic vine of the territory, expressed in a white wine perfect for every occasion.

 • Canorei Roero Arneis DOCG - Canorei is the ancient name of one of Tenuta’s oldest vineyards, which today is the provenance of arneis vinified in small oak casks, which creates a complex, well structured, soft, harmonic, and persistent wine.

Le Gerbore Passito

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Alessandro Saglia

Un posto davvero stupendo però il cibo...

Un posto davvero stupendo però il cibo non l'ho trovato adeguato al resto.
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Dehn Whitz

Personale attento e disponibile. Il locale è...

Personale attento e disponibile. Il locale è davvero bello con delle ampie finestre per godersi il panorama mentre si pranza. Il cibo è altrettanto buono, oltre che bello a vedersi, la presentazione è curata e gli ingredienti sono principalmente quelli locali.

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