“ Wine tasting of the exclusive and world famous Abissi the first classic method sparkling wine, aged under water at a depth of 60 meters ”
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Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
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Bisson wines saw the light at the beginning of 1978, when Pierluigi Lugano, Master of arts and highly regarded sommelier, conscious of the potential hidden in the rugged Ligurian wines produced by local farmers, decided to take his chance in the exploitation of grapes originating from the Eastern Ligurian coast.

This special wine tasting experience will offer you the chance to discover a unique winery and you may choose among different options:

Basic wine tasting: 2 glasses of wines included after the visit

Classic wine tasting: 1 glass of wine plus 1 glass of Abissi sparkling wine

Top wine tasting: 3 glasses of wines plus 1 glass of Abissi sparkling wine

Abissi tris: Abissi Pas Dosè Classic, Abissi Riserva, Abissi Rosè

"About twenty years ago I decided to create a "spumante"; I began to experiment, and I quickly realized that I needed an underground cellar in semi-darkness with a constant temperature. It was a difficult task, maybe impossible, but I had an inspiration. I am an ex- professor of arts and I have always had a passion for  history, the sea and its secrets. I considered the wrecks of ancient ships, in which often amphorae containing wine were found, and it has been proved that this environment is perfect for preservation. Fantastic, I thought, that’s the way to go. However, I was quickly discouraged by the many obstacles: permits to obtain, problems of every kind.... I confided in an exceptional person,,a man of great worth and competence: Mr. Franco Macchiavello, a wine supervision inspector. He did not consider me a madman, on the contrary, he urged me on, and every time we met he wanted to know how the project was evolving. One day I decided to take the plunge – I knew it was risky - but that’s when the adventure began.."


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Min. 2 persons

How much does it costs?

Basic wine tasting:15 € per person
Classic wine tasting 19 € per person
Top wine tasting: 35 € per person
Abissi tris: 39 € per person


  • Greetings by the wine hospitality manager
  • Winery tour
  • Wine tasting according the the option chosen


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