“ From the vineyard to the cellar nothing should be left to chance, because wine is a constant evolution! ”
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Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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Here is what you will live

In the Piedmont region, there's a winery that is ready to welcome you for special wine tastings experiences.

Gianni Doglia has produced wines in Castagnole delle Lanze (Asti – Piedmont) for over three generations. Owner and wine maker Gianni has a deep knowledge and love of the region. Supported by his sister Paola, and aided by the experience of their parents, they cultivate ten hectares of vineyards, which produce approximately 85 tons of grapes every year. Deciding to remain a small family company allows them to pay special attention to the entire production chain, from growing the grapes, to bottling the finished wine. This means they are able to express the essence of this unique area, a cradle of winemaking excellence for many centuries and now a Unesco Heritage Site.

There are a few options you may choose:

- Classic Tour: With this guided tour of the vineyards and winery, you will have an explanation of the territory of Monferrato and subsequent tasting of 3 wines signed by Gianni Doglia. We start from the red Grignolino, then we move on to Barbera d'Asti, ending in sweetness with Moscato d'Asti Giostrina. Everything is paired with breadsticks.

- Wine tasting Plus: This tour includes tasting of 5 wines (one white, 1 grignolino, 2 Barbere d’Asti and a sweet Moscato d’Asti),) signed by Gianni Doglia. Everything is paired with a taste of cold cuts and cheeses.

- Monferrato Guided Tour:  this is a guided tour of the vineyards and winery, with an explanation of the territory of
Monferrato and subsequent tasting of the 6 most representative wines of Gianni Doglia production. Tasting starts with Grignolino, then goes to the three Barbere d'Asti (the steel- refined BoscoDonne, the wood-refined Genio, and the new geographical reference Nizza docg), ending in sweetness with the tasting of the most typical Monferrato, Moscato d'Asti, in the two versions Giostrina and Casa di Bianca. Everything is paired with a rich plate of cold cuts and cheeses.

- Picnic in the vineyards: After a guided tour of the Monferrato estate rows and a visit to the wine fermentation and aging cellars, you will experience a typical Italian picnic, sitting amidst the vineyards and nature of Castagnole Lanze.


How to reach us

Castagnole delle Lanze, in the province of Asti, the heart of Langhe and Monferrato, a Unesco Heritage Site.

Booking Policy & Details

Min. 2 persons

How much does it costs?

Classic tour: 12 €
Wine tasting plus: 15 €
Monferrato Guided tour: 25 €
Picnic in the vineyards: 40 €


  • Greetings by the wine hospitality manager
  • Winery tour
  • Explanation of Monferrato and Gianni Doglia Winery
  • Tasting of 3,5 or 6 wines or picnic in the vineyard


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