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Cantine SpinelliOur roots are so deep, that it is hard to say since when we produce wine. For centuries, surely. Long ago in the past, we produced the wine for home consumption, a big house, with many generations and families that lived together. Today we produce 3 million and a half of bottles a year, but the love for the vine never changed. A real passion that has been cultivated and matured during generations and in the end brought to one result. It will be Vincenzo Spinelli the first one to face the challenge, in other words, the commercial enterprise: “We have the land and the vine: if we can make the good wine for us, why can’t we make it also for the others?”. In the beginning of the seventies the consumption still has a common character. It is sold in the wholesale, but for Vincenzo the quality is always in his mind. He will have to wait about ten years, when the sons Carlo and Adriano will work full time in the company to give a crucial impulse to his project. The production capacity increases and, with great care, they start to control all the production stages, starting from the selection of the grapes, to the vinification and to the bottling. The quality is, now, the rallying cry. Therefore, the commercial strategies change and are refined, and so is the development of the sales network. In the past century, the last big leap happens with an expansion of the company in 1992, that represents the crowning achievement of a work. With the new and wide production rooms and with advanced machines and equipment, Vincenzo Spinelli finally completes the project, for which he spent a life for: a company able to combine high quality with high production volume.
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