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Jurassic RidgeJurassic Ridge is a small family-established and owned vineyard and winery situated in historic Church Bay (Hangaura) on the western end of Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf. Our vineyard sits just above the site of one of the earliest missionary churches in Auckland, and enjoys expansive views over the Bay, the Hauraki Gulf islands and the Auckland city skyline, just 35 minutes away by fast ferry. Whilst the original meaning of the name Hangaura has been lost, the literal translation of hanga is ‘to make’, while ura – right across Polynesia – is ‘red’. The perfect place to make red wine! Why Jurassic Ridge?' - or, 'Where did you get the name?' Well - the vineyard is named for its terroir - specifically, its geological terroir. A major study has shown the critical importance of the type of rock beneath the vineyard. Our vines are planted over the exposed core of an ancient mountain ridge composed of 155 million year old rock formations (ie from the Late or Upper Jurassic period). in fact the centre of our vineyard sits precisely on the ridge line of the mountain that was once almost 3000m high. The sedimentary rock strata beneath the vineyard consists of greywacke sandstones, mudstones and argillites, interbedded with those mysterious rocks called cherts (ask me about them) and injected here and there with submarine basaltic pillow lavas. These rocks gradually weather and break down into our low fertility, stony, cracking clay soils, rich in iron oxides, manganese and magnesium from the ancient volcanic intrusions.
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