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Azienda Agricola F.lli DragoneAi tempi di Antonio Dragone, nell’ottocento risale la prima cantina di famiglia, in prossimità del Convento dei Domenicani, nel cuore storico della città di Matera. Con Michele Dragone, intorno al 1920, nasce la famosa cantina di Via S. Biagio, fulcro in quel tempo, del mondo agricolo Materano.Al 1955 data la prima etichetta della famiglia Dragone.Nel corso degli anni la produzione dei vini si è spostata nella Tenuta di Pietrapenta, distante circa 12 Km. dalla città.Oggi l’azienda Dragone produce circa 10.000 hl. di vino, tutti da vigneti di proprietà nella Tenuta di Pietrapenta.E’ socio fondatore del Consorzio di Tutela Vini Matera D.O.C Ha prodotto le prime bottiglie a Denominazione d’Origine Controllata. Produce dal 1990 spumanti con il nobile processo del metodo classico dalla Malvasia Bianca di Basilicata e, unico e raro,dal Primitivo di Matera.I vini della nostra Famiglia sono da quattro generazioni espressione di tipicità del territorio Materano, ma anche di amore, di passione, di storia e tradizione per una terra silente e generosa, di gente umile e dignitosa, di una città straordinariamente bella ed affascinante che trae dai sacrifici e dalle sofferenze del passato, tutta la forza e la nobiltà per mostrarsi oggi in tutto il suo splendore! L’azienda Dragone, da sempre ha la consapevolezza e l’ orgoglio di essere un tassello importante dell’offerta eno-gastronomica di questa città! Un piccolo pensiero in segno di grande affetto e stima per chi come noi o più di noi si impegna per il bene della nostra città!
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Cantine Del Notaio Societa' Agricola Arli think I was about seven years old and I remember it as if it were yesterday. I went to have a look at my grandfather’s vineyard and I found him bent over a vine. He was a stern man and I was always awed by him, but there among his vines he had a serene and unusually sweet expression. He turned and saw me, and was suddenly serious again. “Hey, repeat your name!” he said. I was really frightened. Grandfather’s going mad, I thought. He can’t remember my name! I started to run away, but he took by the arm and asked again, “Quickly”, tell me, what’s your name?” “Gerardo”, I answered, in a small voice. “Your name’s Gerardo”, he said, “the same as mine. That’s why my vineyards will be yours one day”. When I remember him now, it makes me smile when I think how proud I was, more than thirty years and many adventures later; to claim my roots in my grandfather’s legacy and make it the focus of my life. I know now that the real legacy I inherited goes beyond vineyards: it is a legacy of values, a love for things “done properly”; a desire to accomplish rather than to possess. And so I would like to dedicate everything I have done and will do to my family. To my grandfather, who quietly pointed out what proved to be the right path for me to follow. To my parents and especially my father, a notary public, who taught me the determination to achieve goals and the respect for tradition. To my mother-in-law with her extraordinary generosity and strength. And to my father-in-law, a remarkable man who would undoubtedly have continued to encourage me with his inimitable enthusiasm and love for life. And my Wife? I can only say that without her, this adventure would never have even begun!
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Azienda Vinicola Paternoster S.r.l.Paternoster Family may well be described as a main chapter of Mount Vulture wine making history, as they have been wine growers since last century. It all started from “Grand Pa” Anselmo decision to keep alive the noble art of wine producing inherited from his father. In 1925 (the date is still visible on family historical cellar doorway) he chose to sell bottled Aglianico, which, up to that moment, he just vinificated for domestic and friendly purposes. This date is crucially relevant both for Winery and Family’s history. Since then, every single member jealously started saving each vintage labels, pictures and wine making traditional tools. Unaware Grand Pa Anselmo gave life to a reputable three generations family business today absolutely complied with tradition, historical epoch, local sites and natural ecosystem. Annual production stands around a fixed quantity of 150.000 bottles in order to grant constant quality standards to medium–high range consumers. Numerous awards and specialized press issues have recognized Paternoster central role as major promoters of Aglianico del Vulture, as well as testimonials of the whole wine making area. Commercial success and fame have not influenced company’s beliefs and original commitments: a deep link with Basilicata, namely Barile, an ancient and important centre for Aglianico del Vulture production. Here the “Cantine” sites, a still visible amazing cluster of more than 100 tufaceous secular cellars, reveal the unforgettable family’s seal carved on to the initial steps of local Vulture wine making.
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