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Azienda Agricola Nettare Dei Santi Di Riccardi GianenricoThe quality in wine starts at the vineyard": accordingly to this philosophy, 30 hectares of vineyards have been planted and are managed by the company, having great knowledge of the terrain, the microclimate and the needs of our vines. Lightly expanded growing system, "the guyot", high density, 4 to 5 thousand vines per hectare, farming practices with little fertilizer and grass cover, disease control with aimed interventions, all of this in order to bring healthy and ripe grapes - which are severely chosen and handpicked - to the cellar. The processing of our grapes starts with a careful selection within the vineyard, from the knowledge of our vines and by transforming-procedures adopting simple rules based on the conservation and enhancement of the raw material, "our grapes", in order to produce wines which know how to express and enhance the vine territory and have that uniqueness that comes only from manʼs passion, supported by equipment and technologies which move all the qualities present in the grapes - with the right degree of ripeness - into the wine which will finally come out. logo-san-colombano-doc "The cold" with regard to the processing of white grapes, cold maceration, fermentation at controlled temperature, „targeted remontages" with regard to the processing of red grapes, "tastings" of our staff (winemaker and quality control manager) to understand the changes and the evolution of our wines: these are all winemaking practices used in the basement to get the best from our grapes.
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