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Tenuta di CastellaroTenuta di Castellaro winery is the achievement of an ambitious project, where passion and a dream come together in a perfect combination, creating unrivalled excellence. The ancient Etna vine, grown organically in 30 hectares of vineyard, yields priceless fruit, the basis for refined blends with a unique flavour, the pure expression of the volcanic terrain of Lipari and Etna, pristine locations that embraced us with their harsh natural environment. A Winery tour will not only delight wine experts: the different tastings offered transform every visitor into a great fan of our “nectar of the gods”and the places where it is made. Tenuta di Castellaro is a monument to landscape, art, architecture and technology, which entirely keeps faith with nature and traditions: - the barrique cellar, completely underground and built in the local style, recounts different geological areas through its arches and pillars: 22,000 years of history create a magical environment where our vine is refined and aged in its oaken casks; - the windcatcher tower, built with state-ofthe- art technologies, is absolute environment- friendly; adopting a concept used by ancient populations since the X Century BC, it comprises a thermal labyrinth and a chimney, which create a natural air-conditioning system; - experienced in the stroll through the vineyards, the landscape recalls to mind fragrances and colours that give rise to unforgettable sensations; the sun, which at sunset plunges into the sea between Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, provides the most romantic vision of whatnature can offer.
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Cavanera Etnea Resort & Wine Experience FirriatoThe Cavanera Etnea Estate is home to Firriato’s second winery. Here, Firriato vinifies and refines the wines from the Volcano. The vineyards on Etna are the last to be harvested—they produce a raw product of absolute excellence which needs to be taken to the winery immediately. The wine-making process is immediate in order to preserve the grapes’ organoleptic integrity. The process occurs directly inside some specific rooms in the property. The pressing of the white grapes and the destemming and maceration of the red grapes is done by the latest-design production machinery to preserve the unique characteristics of the raw product just harvested from the plant. The refining of the red wines occurs in French oak barriques in a room with a constant temperature and humidity. The production building is completed with the area dedicated to the classic method of sparkling wine production. Once you have passed through the iron gate at the entrance to the resort your gaze will be lost in the picture-postcard panorama which surrounds the entire estate: beauty at its best. All the units at the Cavanera Wine Resort represent a real example of a typical main house on Etna. The skillful restoration has not impeded on the layout of the original buildings. The colors are in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. The eleven rooms of the Cavanera Etnea. The resort all have a view out over the vineyards which rise up along Contrada Verzella’s Etna terracing. All the rooms are tastefully furnished and offer a spacious, welcoming, and comfortable environment, in line with the concept of family hospitality which Firriato wants to give its guests here, on Etna. The communal spaces and rooms of the Resort are characterized by their great color harmony and their minimalistic interiors. The black floors, made of lava stone from Etna’s lava- flow, blend harmoniously with the pastel colors of the fixtures and fittings, bringing a warm and inviting atmosphere to life.
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Principi di Mola Azienda Agricola Salvo L’azienda agricola Salvo Alessandro rappresenta una delle principali aziende vinicole private italiane operanti nel territorio della provincia di Messina. Nata dall’unione di una tradizione agricola che si perpetua da generazioni e dall’innovazione data dalle attuali tecnologie, l’azienda cura tutti i suoi prodotti con la cura e l’attenzione che si rivolgerebbe ad una persona di famiglia, curando con attenzione i vitigni ed il terreno, raccogliendo con tecniche atte a preservare la salute delle piante trasformando i frutti eccellenti in vino di altissima qualità. La cantina storica dell’azienda si è rinnovata nel corso delle generazioni per raggiungere e mantenere il livello qualitativo più elevato, adottando le migliori tecniche enologiche ed i più accurati metodi di trasformazione e raffinazione, producendo in sicurezza dei vini dalla spiccata personalità e nel pieno rispetto delle caratteristiche delle sue uve. l territorio di Rodì Milici, interamente collinare, ricade nella valle del torrente Patrì (o Termini) che, al contempo, ne segna il confine naturale e amministrativo (lato est) con Castroreale. La cittadina è adagiata sull'estremità occidentale dei monti Peloritani in prossimità della contigua catena dei Nebrodi. Ad ovest Rodì Milici è delimitata da un altro corso d'acqua, il torrente Mazzarà. Oltre alla lingua ufficiale italiana, a Rodì Milici si parla la lingua siciliana nella sua variante messinese. La ricchezza di influenze del siciliano, appartenente alla famiglia delle lingue romanze e classificato nel gruppo meridionale estremo, deriva dalla posizione geografica dell'isola, la cui centralità nel mar Mediterraneo ne ha fatto terra di conquista di numerosi popoli gravitanti nell'area mediterranea. (Fonte Wikipedia).
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Tenuta delle Terre Nere azienda vinicolaThe estate is located in the northern slopes of the volcano, with vineyards between the village of Solicchiata and the town of Randazzo, the area historically recognized as the finest in the appellation for fine red wines. The property consists of over 30 hectars, divided into 10 parcels in four crus, with a total vineyard surface of 27 hectars, which we mean to enlarge to 30-32 hectars. Except for 6 hectars recently planted, the rest are between 50 and 100 years old. One parcel, having survived phylloxera, has reached the venerable age of 130-140 years old. The soils differ very much from cru to cru, and even within the crus themselves. The same is true of the altitudes, our vineyards ranging between 600 and 1000 metres above sea level. Four parcels lie in Calderara Sottana at an elevation of 600-700 metres. By far the rockiest cru in the appellation, in the roughest parts you can’t see the soil for the black volcanic pumice carpeting the vineyards. Two vineyards lie in Guardiola, between 800 and 900 metres altitude, on very poor soil: volcanic sand mixed with basaltic pebbles and traces of ash. Both are steeply sloped and tightly terraced, causing all vineyard work to be done manually. Two more properties lie in Feudo di Mezzo. Very old vines, also terraced, traditional alberello plantings, very tightly spaced, also worked exclusively manually. Loose deep volcanic ash roughed up by a good measure of small volcanic pebbles. In Santo Spirito we have two vineyards as well. Although adjacent to Guardiola, the soil is dramatically different: a rich deep volcanic ash so fine as to call to mind talcum powder, were it not jet black. Besides estate owned vineyards, Terre Nere has long term leases on 4 hectars and buys grapes from small local vignerons who follow our organic procedures.
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