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Vini Mortilal L'azienda agricola Mortilla è una realtà giovane con una identità storica.L'ottima qualità dei vini è ottenuta mediante l’utilizzo di processi di vinificazione che permettono di ottenere un prodotto di eccellenza.Mortilla coltiva in prevalenza vitigni autoctoni per porre in evidenza le caratteristiche del terrirorio e valorizzarne i prodotti tipici.Dal 2017 l'azienda si arricchisce, con le eredità del nonno di 3 ettari di carrubi secolari (più di 300 anni) un luogo magico contrada Serra Ricotta ricco di pace e silenzio.Mortilla non è solo il luogo dove nascono ottimi vini e frutti di qualità, ma anche un luogo di ritrovo dove è possibile effettuare percorsi enogastronomici e trascorrere semplici serate in compagnia.La sala di degustazione ospita fino a 45 persone, il giardino che si affaccia sulla piscina può contenere più di 100 persone, sono infatti teatro di eventi di ogni tipo.La cantina, tutti i vigneti e i terreni che compongono la Tenuta Mortilla sono adagiati sulle colline dei Monti Iblei ad un'altitudine di 268 mt dal livello del mare, abbracciati da panorami di incantevole bellezza. The farm Mortilla is a young company with a historical identity. The excellent quality of the wines is obtained through the use of the vinification processes that allow to obtain a product of excellence. Mortilla cultivates mainly indigenous varieties to highlight the characteristics of terrirorio and enhance the typical products.Mortilla is not only the place where they are born great wines and quality fruits, but also a meeting place where you can make wine tasting tours and spend simply evenings with family or friends.The tasting room accommodates up to 45 people, the garden overlooking the pool can hold more than 100 people, are in fact the theater of events of all kinds.The winery, all the vineyards and all the lands that make up the Mortilla estate are lying on the hills of the Iblei Mountains at an altitude of 268 meters above sea level,
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Poggio di Bortolone The Azienda Agricola Poggio di Bortolone was founded by the Cosenza Family at the end of the eighteenth century, immediately after Sicily’s transition out of feudalism and the annexation by mainland Italy. Since that time it has been passed down from father to son and today Pierluigi Cosenza, Ignazio's son, is the current owner and manager of the Poggio di Bortolone Estate. Whilst embracing the long established Family traditions, introducing fresh and innovative ideas to build on the successes of the past. The land has been used for the cultivation of grapes, olives and wheat over many centuries and today the winery's ancient wooden press and traditional oil mill are to be found amongst the relics of bygone days to remind visitors of the proud origins of the Estate. The old and now redundant limestone watermill, beside the river Para Para, is being lovingly restored to its former splendour and is yet another reminder of past traditions which continued right up until to the end of World War II. Around 1970 Ignazio Cosenza, current owner's father, decided to give the Family business a new direction which heralded the beginning of the modern Estate which is known today as Poggio di Bortolone, a name derived from a Sicilian expression, Puoiu ri Burtuluni, describing an Estate whose origins are found on the top of a small hill. In the 1980s was introduced a new Ignazio's vision of a modern Estate began to be realised. In 1982 was bottled the first vintage of Cerasuolo wine, Poggio di Bortolone, with its historic label depicting U Puoiu with the manor house and the cellars.
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