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Tenuta di CorbaraAmong the families of nobile origin that in feudal times settled in the territory to the right of the Tiber river, Montemarte family was undoubtedly one of the most important ones, administring the areas east of Orvieto and towards Todi from their castles of Montemarte and Corbara.In the land register of the contado of 1292, Corbara was listed as a castrum in the rural parish of Santa Maria da Stiolo, coinciding in good part with the present estate of Corbara at the spot where Paglia and Tiber rivers meet. The habitual residence of the Counts of Corbara was the castle itself,even though it was listed as a municipal territory at least up to the seventeenth century. There was in fact the need of personal supervision for their vast agrarian holdings,which were gradually turning into modern farms, abreast of the times. At the end of the nineteenth century, the estate of Corbara became property of the Banca Romana. In 1889/90 the bank financed excavations that brought to light the Roman port of Pagliano, in opus reticulatum, located at the confluence of the two rivers named above. this archaeological site gained great importance, in history, for commercial and economic relations between Rome and the immediate hinterland. Thanks to continuing studies, protection and restoration of the structures this site can now be visited. The Azienda Agricola Castello di Corbara as it is now mirrors faithfully the new comprehensive program of the entire range of activities whole-heartedly undertaken by the entrepreneurial group that bought the property in 1997. The underlying concepts of this new management include the inherent need to salvage values such as the respect of the territory, whose authenticity is always reflected by every single wine produced.
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Cantine ZanchiSulle colline di Amelia, da oltre quarant’anni la famiglia Zanchi produce vini esclusivi e dalla spiccata identità territoriale. I terreni dell’azienda, circa 30 ettari di vigneto e oliveto, sono coltivati utilizzando pratiche agronomiche a basso impatto ambientale, senza uso di diserbanti, con concimazione organica e con impiego della lotta integrata. Il potenziale delle uve viene esaltato da potature rigorose e diradamento dei grappoli e la vendemmia effettuata a mano. Le cantine ospitano tutte le fasi di lavorazione: un tunnel sotterraneo è riservato all’invecchiamento in botti di rovere e all’affinamento in bottiglia. Con un costante lavoro di ricerca, tre generazioni si sono dedicate alla selezione delle migliori specie di vitigni autoctoni e varietà tipiche dell’Umbria, impiantando, nel 2008, in collaborazione con la facoltà di Agraria dell’Università di Perugia, un vigneto sperimentale per il recupero dei vitigni minori presenti sul territorio di Amelia. For forty years now, the Zanchi family has been crafting high-quality wines in Amelia, in the Umbria region, within a strikingly-beautiful complex of hills that are crowned by the ancient estate residence and the wine-making facility. The surface of the estate, about 30 hectares of vineyards and olive groves, is cultivated in accord with the principles of sustainable agriculture, which mandate low environmental-impact practices and use of integrated pest management. The potential quality of the fruit is enhanced by severe pruning and by cluster-thinning. Harvesting is entirely by hand and all phases of production are carried out In the winery. Three generations now of the family have dedicated themselves to research into the local growing area, identifying the most-suitable clones of the indigenous grape varieties classic to Umbria. In 2008, in collaboration with the University of Perugia, an experimental vineyard was planted in order to recover the lesser-known varieties in the Amelia area.
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