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Azienda Agricola Fratelli Berlucchi SrlFrancesco, Gabriella, Marcello, Roberto and Pia Donata are the 5 siblings of their generation. They are entrusted to protect the land, its products and its qualities, to honor it and not to abuse it, to preserve the past, to bring their experience to bear and to set the stage for the new generations. To perpetuate the family’s great intangible wealth of history and culture. 70 Hectares, of DOC and DOCG vineyards in Franciacorta with ecologically sensitive growth.are the only source of our products.No grapes are bought from outside and none are sold in order to preserve the purity and quality of our wines. Cesare Ferrari is the oenologist who for more then thirty years has supported our efforts to continuously produce superior quality and taste with his passion and professionalism. The vineyards carry ancient and beloved names related to our family’s houses and monuments still present and from a bygone era: “Fontanella” ,”Palazzina”, “Tre Camini”, “Casa delle Colonne”). They are nurtured, planted and replanted with the most contemporary techniques and with great ecological concern, The land of morainic earth finds its origin in the tumultuous erosion of surrounding glaciers which in times long past disintegrated and gave birth to the nearby the lake of Iseo. The soil, because of its geological, calcareous and dry structure, and relatively mild climate (rain fall of about 900 mm./year), is particularly suited to grow excellent grapes which where indigenous to the areas Etruscan and Roman populations.
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Azienda Agricola "La Guarda"Negri Family started making wine in 1870 with grapes produced by third party. In 1970, all the necessary grapes were produced in the familiy Farm located in Castrezzone di Muscoline, on the Brescia shore of the Garda Lake, and member of the local union called “Classical Garda DOC Wines”. The estate extends for 20 hectars between two hills, starting 320 up to 370 meters height and 2,5 hectars are designated to the cultivation of olive trees. The soil is made of stones and alluvial sand, the climate is dry and steady windy, such to be considered from specialists the ideal condition to obtain products of hight quality, probably the best of the area. “La Guarda” farm is a family business. The owners, Mr. Angelo Negri and his son Luigi, combine experience and old tradition to modern technologies, viticultural and enological innovations with the goal of to obtain higher quality levels. The cultivated varieties are as follows: Barbera, Groppello, Marzemino and Sangiovese the red, Rhine Riesling and Chardonnay the white. From the crushing of these grapes are obtained under the name Garda Classico DOC The following wines: RED, RED SABBIOSO, RED HIGHER, GROPPELLO, INCHINO (GROPPELLO DOC CHINATO), CHIARETTO, and WHITE; under the name Garda DOC Wine BARBERA, MARZEMINO. The production extends to Grappa of the estate, all'Olio extra virgin olive oil, all'aceto wine and jelly Garda Classico Chiaretto. “La Guarda” is also associated to the “Lombard Wine Tourism Movement” and offers to all visitos important services such as tourist routes, charming landscapes, typical gastronomic specialities and several cultural festival.
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