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Ca' Del Ge' - Vini E Spumanti D.O.C. Az. Agr. Ca' Del Ge' DiFamily Padroggi has a strong tradition in the world of winemaking in Oltrepo Pavese. Just the love for the vine and wine, transmitted from generation to generation, made possible that Enzo Padroggi, the company's founder, in 1985 would create the trademark Cà del Gè to identify a line of highly qualified products. The company is entirely family-run. His children Stephania, Sara and Carlo are continuing today Enzo and his wife Lucia's dream. Much has been done to set up a more noticeable qualitative change, both for what concerns the management of the vineyards that winemaking techniques, combining the past with the latest knowledge in the field of wine - enology. More and more attention has been given to the environment and the health of the consumer. For this reason the company for several years has joined the measure PSR 214 to have a lower environmental impact. The fertilizer and pesticide use are reduced to a minimum, the planting distances provide a greater number of plants per hectare. All this is aimed at lowering the yield per plant thus creating the best conditions to obtain grapes of the highest quality. The harvest is entirely by hand: this allows to maintain greater integrity of the grapes and to make a first selection. Then a soft pressing and temperature control of fermentation, which is essential to preserve the heritage especially aromatic white wines. For this reason, the winery is equipped with modern stainless steel tanks to ensure better hygienic conditions. The red wine vinification is made traditionally, except for some special wines that use French oak barrels.
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Azienda Agricola Torti - Torti WineryTorti Winery is situated amongst the Oltrepò Pavese hills, historical area of wines and vineyards: a hilly terroir of lime, marl and clay with an ideal climate for grape cultivation, blessed with ascending Ligurian breezes, ventilated, cool summers, harsh and dry winters, with embracing mists from the Padanian Plain. The main town is Pavia, a charming city of history and arte. A population of friendly, hardworking, genuine people. A fertile area of culture and passion. Here grapes have been cultivated for more than 30.000 years. Strabone (60 BC – 20 AC) wrote that the abundances of wine in the Oltrepò was witnessed by wooden barrels, bigger than houses. During the middle ages, castles were built in the area and the quality of the wine started to become more and more appreciated. The Oltrepò Pavese (The Old Piedmont) is smothered in vineyards, furrowed with streams and rivlets, where villages, churches and hamlets appear amongst the hills displaying a dancing array of colours, geographical features comparable only to those of Champagne and Burgundy. 45° Parallel ‘half way between the North Pole and the Equator’ as professed along the roads leading to the scenic hills. Here the harvest lasts longer than any other area of Italy, beginning with Pinot Nero for sparkling, then the red grapes such as Barbera and Croatina (the grapes used for the popular Bonarda). Pinot Nero, which is used for sparkling and also to produce important red wines for aging, plays the leading role.
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Azienda Agricola Ca' Montebello Di Scarani LuigiThe ‘Cà Montebello’ Agricultural Estate stretches across the lower hills with its flourishing vineyards on an imposing land-scape in the province of Pavia. The area of “Montebello” mentioned on antique maps, showed the origin of a feud belonging to the Arnaboldi domain, as one of the most valuable areas for the cultivation of vineyards. After which the Scarani family vine growers for generations, consolidated the wine tradition that guaranteed the continuity of quality and excellence of its wines, appreciated by generations of connoisseurs. “A family company”, in the true sense of the word, an indissoluble combination that characterises work which is always linked to the charisma and the personality of people who work respecting both nature and the territory. At Cà Montebello along side the owner Luigi Scarani, a skilful, extrovert and “true wine Maestro”, collaborate, his wife Ines, his son Alberto responsible for commercial relationships with the world market and Cristina extremely bright and creative in the “oenology art”. The natural vocation of calcareous-clayeyland, favourably exposed by the eastern and western sunrays, together with the constantand passionate dedication of which the vinesare cultivated, with absolute respect for the environment, healthy and natural ripeningof the grapes result, the rewards for thelabour of a year’s work and the ‘beginning’ of a new challenge in searching for quality and perfection. The wine tastings and the visits to the cellarhave become strength of Cà Montebello; visitors remain fascinated by the environment, a place where time seems to have stood still, allowing themselves to be seduced by the extraordinary hospitality of the owners and the captivating taste of wines that balance perfectly with the taste of traditions.
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Azienda Vitivinicola LusentiLusenti Winery is in Vicobarone, near Ziano Piacentino, in the Val Tidone. The history of the winery began at the beginning of the nineteen hundreds when my grandfather Pietro bought the first farm for growing table grapes. In the 1960s my father Gaetano bought other land and planted vineyards that still produce excellent wine grapes today. I am the youngest of Gaetano’s three daughters. My sisters decided to go in different directions. I have stayed in the winery and am married to Giuseppe. Together we decided to dedicate ourselves to looking after the vineyards. azienda-mano-150x150It wasn’t an immediate decision. When you are young you don’t always understand what the right choice is for you, then life changes you. There were two factors in this change: firstly contact with nature, which speaks to you if you learn how to respect it and which teaches you the rhythm of life in the alternating of the seasons. Then there are the many friends that share your passions. Nature and friends prepare you to reach new heights and to move the aims that you want to reach further afield. Today the winery is ideally a junction between past and present, between the wines that make up part of our tradition and the wines created from decisions made in the early 1990s. However, there is still a long way to go, although it seems though that we have lost those inferiority complexes that hit you when faced with the titanic experience of the world of wine. Today with peaceful pride, we only produce wines from our own grape varieties: Bonarda, Malvasia di Candia aromatica and Ortrugo. It is our wealth of flavours and experience that the consumer has the chance to take away with them. Coming to the Lusenti winery is like coming home. The winery maybe medium-sized, but the welcome is that of a small family, busy with the wine and the work in the vineyard that produces it. Guests are always welcome here and there is always someone ready to welcome you.
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