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Pasetti ViniPasetti history is rooted in bourbon era, when Silvestro Pasetti - Mimmo's ancestor - bought several pieces of land from Farina marquis: over that place he started to plant some vineyards. Silvestro’s dream was carried on by his son Rocco who never gave up, especially when he had to face and defeat the fillossera plague. He died because of a bomb, among his beloved vineyards, while he was on the way back from the war. If he hadn’t died, for sure he would have strongly supported Franco's brave choice to make wine. Franco was the first of four sons. In the 1960s Mr Micuccio encouraged his son-in-law Franco to make wines by himself. Micuccio ran a tavern in Pescara city. Actually he also used to sell wines within and outside the Abruzzo region. From the beginning Franco got great results, even though there used to be an unwritten rule over Abruzzo which stated that wine had to be make as was usual: fair quality and reasonable expectations. The most part of southern Italy wine makers used to share this habit. Because of low costs and good quality, Franco gained a good reputation. Both customers and sales volume increased. Nevertheless, Franco remained a peasant: he was able to whisper to the vineyards, reaping fine grapes from them. He knew that working hard was necessary to get excellent bottled wines. Twenty years after the cellar construction, Mimmo – Franco’s son – encouraged his father to put their Montepulciano d’Abruzzo in bottle, for the first time. At that time Mimmo was studying oenology. Because Franco wanted to celebrate the birth of Francesca (his first granddaughter), he finally agreed with Mimmo’s idea. Francesca, Mimmo’s first daughter, was red hair, exactly as the beautiful Madame Rachele - Franco’s mother - was. Franco bottled the “Testarossa” wine, to pay homage to those two charming women, which represent the symbol of the past and the future of the family. Today, Testarossa is the most representative brand of Pasetti winery.
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