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La Casetta Azienda Agricola - WineryOur company was founded in 1963 when Antonio and Angelo Errani and their families made of their passion of the country their own job. The lands tilled with both fruit trees and vine determined a task sharing among the two brothers. On the one hand, Angelo, connected to the University of Pisa, takes care of the fruit section with the experimentation of various cultivations and holds pruning classes all over the world (Spain, Holland, United States of America, Canada, Chile, Israel…), on the other hand Antonio a very famous chef, who loves wine and good food, starts the production and the transformation of the grapes with the direct selling in the company of the wines produced. The last years of his life, Antonio, also very active in civic level, was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Rural and Artisan Bank now known as the Cooperative Credit Bank. In the early 70ties, Giuseppe Bartolini, the son-in-law of Antonio, made his entrance into the company, as the latter left his own job to start to follow various oenology courses, thus taking the company to almost exclusively deal with the production and direct selling of wine. In the past few years, they have also started the production of extra virgin olive oil, produced in the lands of Brisighella, and of other typical products, such as the Saba. Our work goes at the same pace with our attention to product quality and to consumer protection. Hence, we have chosen and planted vineyards with ISO 9001 certified vines. We follow together with experts and with extreme care the treatments that will protect the final consumer, choosing a lower yield per hectare compared to our production possibilities so to favour the quality of our products.
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Poderi MoriniWe are a young estate that is proud of our land, and therefore we chose to make wine to better celebrate its value, tradition and culture. “We give value to the Romagna we love”: these words suitably describe the motivation underlying our entrepreneurial and very personal project. We started production in 1998 and our first wine was made from the most representative grape of our land in Romagna: the Sangiovese. The first bottle we produced was a Sangiovese Superiore Riserva and it was baptized “Nonno Rico” in memory of Alessandro Morini’s paternal grandfather. Over the years, this wine has given us much satisfaction and has received several prestigious acknowledgements and has successfully been a means to promoting our brand, Poderi Morini, both in the Italian market as well as in other foreign markets. Thus, Natale Morini, a well-known aviculturist and breeder, turned his initial idea for a successful wine company into reality thanks to the enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance of his son Alessandro and Daniela, his wife which put their body and soul into the project of producing quality wines: researching and highlighting the local varieties with the purpose of making his dream come true: the promotion and enhancement of the land of Romagna. The fertile soil of Poderi Morini lies on a rocky hillside and enjoys a ideal microclimate benefiting both from the Adriatic breeze and the winds coming from the Apennine between Tuscany and Romagna. These special conditions are the starting point for an important phase of this quality project. We believe that being a wine producer means making some important choices right from the beginning: focusing always and at any cost on quality; maintaining an emphasis on local indigenous varieties; rely on highly qualified co-workers; and support production through the most recent technology..
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Azienda Agricola RandiThe Randi winery was founded at the end of 800 by the great-grandfather Luigi and evolved, as was the we know today, after the end of the second world war. The brothers work in the company Randi: Denis, who deals with the technical and care of the vineyard, and Massimo, who is in charge of the commercial part and relationship with the customers. The Randi company extends between the municipalities of Fusignano and Alfonsine, in the Romagna plain, to the borders with the Marche and the Adriatic Sea. Always grape producers, since 1999 associated with the “Il Bagnacavallo” consortium for production and enhancement of native grapes. Uva Longanesi, for the production of "Burson" wines; Grapes Famous for the production of "Rambela" wines; Centesimino and Malbo Gentile grapes. Historical vines who find their natural habitat in this environment. In particular, the Longanesi grape, a black berry vine, saved in the pinewood of Classe, oasis botany adjacent to the city of Ravenna, no more than 20 km from our company, with probable Middle Eastern origin. Reaches Ravenna in the period in which the latter was the capital city of the Western Roman Empire and the Classe pinewood was its port. The growth ground is a medium mixture. While the first historical reference that certifies the presence of the Famoso Grape, a grape variety white, in our territory, is dated 1437. It represents the document of the customs duty of the common of Lugo, where the Famoso grape, Uva Rambela, Uva Valdoppiese (synonyms of the same product) entered to be sold locally. These represent the most widespread and important native vines of the Randi winery in Fusignano.
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Fattoria ZerbinaTo achieve quality, short cuts are of no use. Even more so when wine is involved. What is needed are time, dedication, focus, and competence. And much courage. All of this is present in the spirit with which Cristina Geminiani works: a way of cultivating the vineyard, harvesting the grapes, transforming them into wine which is infused with the wisdom of tradition and the force to dare the new. Every wine of her Fattoria Zerbina estate is born from her profound link to the soil and from her attention to the hidden language of the vines, whose voice finds expression through Cristina’s sensitivity, instinct, and passion. Only then is her native soil transformed into wine. And becomes a work of art. Zerbina’s story began in 1966 when Vincenzo Geminiani purchased the farm of the same name and decided to plant the first vineyards. The first wines to be produced acheived, from the very start, a certain recognition. A new quality level arrived in 1987, however, thanks to Vincenzo Gemigniani’s granddaughter Cristina, who decided to throw herself body and soul into running both the vineyards and the cellars of the estate with one sole objective: reach new and higher quality levels for both Sangiovese and Albana. Some years later, Cristina’s younger brother, Vincenzo, began to work side by side with his sister, taking charge of the administrative and financial aspects of Zerbina. Since that early phase, innovations, all conceived and studied with a full respect for tradition, have been many indeed (and continue today).
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