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Masseria Amastuola Wine ResortThe vineyard, with its extension of more than 100 hectares of entirely organic farming, is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean in Puglia (Italy), on a plateau at an altitude of 210 meters above sea level, where the microclimate favours organic farming and precious minerals and nutrients of the terroir give the wines a very special aroma. The vineyard was established on the basis of a project aimed at enhancing the area towards sustainable development as to remove the “ghost” of abandonment that is undermining the future of agriculture and that of the South in particular. To this end has been recuperated non productive land by planting above all autochthon vines. To obtain the excellence of the grapes in each stage of production, we combine ancient skills and love for the land with the most modern technologies. Vines and grapes are cared in each phase of growth with traditional care. To protect the environment and saving water, the vineyard is equipped with a compensating drip irrigation system, used only in years of drought, to safeguard the quality of the grapes. Recently, in collaboration with University of Piacenza, an agrometeorological station has been installed in the vineyard. Through a management software it evidences periods of risk of vine parasites and the relative risk of infection, the current level of protection guaranteed by any previous treatment (depending on environmental conditions and development of the plant) and the optimal dose of product to distribute, thus reducing drastically the amount of defence products.
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Feudo croceIT Feudo Croce (già Feudo di Santa Croce) è uno splendido casale situato a Carosino, vicino Grottaglie, nella penisola Salentina, la Puglia vitivinicola per eccellenza. La famiglia Tinazzi, che ha acquistato la tenuta nel 2001, ha il piacere di accogliervi nella sua tenuta pugliese per una vera Esperienza Italiana con l'obiettivo di avvicinare enoappassionati e non solo alla vita della cantina, ai suoi spazi, alle persone che la vivono. I visitatori potranno scoprire non solo i vini ma anche le altre meraviglie della Puglia, i piaceri del cibo e della cucina, l'amicizia e la convivialità. La visita prevede una breve passeggiata tra i filari dei vigneti che circondano la masseria Feudo Croce, una visita alla bottaia del Feudo ed una breve introduzione alla mostra didattica fotografica. Seguirà una degustazione di 4 vini tipici della masseria accompagnata da formaggi e salumi locali. EN Feudo Croce (formerly Feudo di Santa Croce) is a delightful country estate located in Carosino, near Grottaglie, on the Salento peninsula, Apulia winemaking country at its best. The Tinazzi family bought it in 2001. Try the true Italian Experience by visiting Tinazzi's masseria. Share the pleasures of wine, food, cooking, frindship and conviviality with other wine and food lovers. Discover how wine is made and enjoy it with the food and the passion of the people who live here: this is Tinazzi italian Experience. Tour includes a short walk through the avenues of vines surrounding the farmhouse Feudo Croce, a visit to the barrel cellar and a brief introduction to the photographic-didactic exhibition, tasting of 4 typical wines paired with cheese and charcuterie.
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Perrini Organic Natural FarmPERRINI Organic Natural Farm is a 50 hectares family vineyard and winery producing since 1993 High Quality Certified Organic and Vegan Products in compliance with environment and human health, as ensured by ICEA, NOP, Biosuisse, , Apulia Quality Products Certifications, Located in Castellaneta (Apulia), native town of the silent movies star Rudolph Valentino, it is strategically placed between sea and hills in the Mediterranean bushes of “Gravina di Santo Stefano” (St. Stephen’s Canyon). The production philosophy is based on an healthy and natural ecosystem and avoids the employment of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMO and prefers the growing of native grape varieties using natural wild yeasts. Keeper of the ancient rural culture, the whole Perrini Family the Company grows their estate nearby the company headquarters represented by Masseria Carabella, a typical building dated 1809 and has achieved important international Rewards and Prizes through passion and hard work, i.e. ‘Innovative European Company’ in Bruges in Belgium, ‘Excellent Italian Firm’ under the High Patronage of Italian President of Republic, Excellent Farmer on the ways of faith by Sapientia Mundi Academic Foundation, Rewarded among the ‘100 best wines in the world’ in Montpellier in France, ‘Excellence Award’ in London , International Prizes in Nuremberg Germany, 1st place at Geisenheim University in Germany, Best Value New York Times, California Silver Medal, 1st place at Xi-Jan University in China, Quality Company Special Prize, Wine Advocate Robert Parker’s review, Decanter award etc... The natural and real products with a sunny character express the generous personality of the terroir.
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