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Le Rive - vini sfusi e in bottigliaOur purpose is giving our contribution to the diffusion of the immense landscape value in this territory, where quietness and serenity characterize a beautiful natural environment, rich in water, and where vine growing represents the fundamental resource of the community. This scenery embracing wine and culture has been appreciated for thousand years and has seen the presence of illustrious names such as Ernest Hemingway and Goffredo Parise. The evolution of this territory is indissolubly connected with the pedological variety originated by River Piave, which, along the centuries has been tracing the ground stratigraphy in Marca Trevigiana. The territory offers a great pedological variety, from the rocky hills of Valdobbiadene, to the medium-mixture soils in the Negrisia plain, due to the presence of alluvial silts rich in magnesium and Dolomite rocks calcium. Here different varieties of grapes are produced, from the fresh and fruity Prosecco to the full-bodied Raboso Piave, which finds in this land its ideal habitat. The Raboso is an unique and autochthonous vine characterizing for more than 600 years winegrowing in Marca Trevigiana and our cellar can be considered a milestone in this tradition. The Prosecco itself, from the hard and narrow hills in Treviso region, finds here the ideal condition to the expression of its typical characteristics. The winding flowing River Piave, surrounded by the greenery of mountains, of the hills and of the plain, delimitates the contours of our vineyards, taking care of the vine and of its needs, giving to the culture all it needs to exalt the character of grapes. Also in the vineyards in Friuli the history of the cellar remains connected with water flowing, torrent Torre laps the vineyards growing along its right shore, in the town of Pradamano and Pavia di Udine, in the surroundings of Udine.
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BisolTestimony that firmly places the Bisol family in the heart of the Prosecco and Cartizze production zone i.e. the land known as “Chartice” – Today's prestigious Cartizze hills – can be found as far back as the XVI century. Numerous references to the family have been made through the centuries leaving us with no doubt as to the permanence of Bisol's forefathers in the area of Valdobbiadene up to 1542 when a historical reference affirming Bisol as a grape-growing and wine producing family can be found: Eliseo Bisol gives life to a small but flowering business. Only the brutality of the first world war would temporarily halt the progress of the business – in fact, the area around Valdobbiadene became the frontline for the opposing Austria-Hungary and Italian forces – in spite of everything, the viticulture business of the Bisol family once again gained strength in the middle 1920's thanks to Desiderio Bisol, the son of Eliseo. After the second world war Desiderio - or Jeio, as he was affectionately called by his wife – assigned different roles in the company to each of his four sons according to their educational formation: Antonio took care of administration, Eliseo was responsible for oenology, Aurelio took over the running of the vineyards while Claudio became general manager of the company. From that moment on the growth in quality of the company has been closely linked to the experimentation of new techniques in the vineyards, all necessary to the aim of producing top quality wines. As the current president of the company Antonio Bisol recalls, “my father Desiderio was acutely sensitive to product quality and always tried to buy the best plots, the most expensive and steepest and therefore the most difficult to work, but it was that very steepness and composition which made them ideal for nurturing Glera grapes”
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