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Tenuta BeltrameIn the middle of the DOC Friuli, between the Roman town of Aquileia and the starry shaped fortress of Palmanova, lies the Tenuta Beltrame. The winery, dating back to the 17th century, once belonged to the Counts Antonini, was bought by the Beltrame family in 1991. In 2016 Cristian Zapata, current football player in the Milan Team, bought part of the shares of the winery, giving new upsurge and development prospects to the Company. With an area of 40 hectares of land, 25 of which are devoted to grape growing, the Estate produces high quality wines, very typical of the Friuli area, in the cellars of the ancient Villa. The vine training, made to grow high quality grapes, the arrangement of the winery and the thirty-year experience of Cristian Beltrame in the enological field allow us to obtain great territorial, expressive, refined and long-lived wines. The Company philosophy is focused on the total respect for Nature while growing the grapes and, in the cellar, we simply wait for the correct ageing of our wines patiently kept in our barrels. Our focus is to obtain fine and elegant wines so, in the cellar, we do the fewer possible operations just to respect what Nature offers us in every single vintage. Our greatest goal is to preserve all the characteristics of our grapes during their transformation into wine. In 2018 our reception project will start and this will allow us to restore part of the old Villa creating a B&B with 6 rooms, equipped with all the comforts, in an atmosphere of great charm. These accommodations will be available to all the eno-courious people and to anyone who wants to enjoy a moment of peace and relax.
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ANTICO BROILO"Solo pochi grappoli per pianta è la nostra regola che garantisce l'ottima qualità dei nostri vini" Siamo dei vignaioli, che con impegno e dedizione rispettano il territorio e identificano nel vino che producono le caratteristiche del uva stessa e del Territorio di Prepotto. L Antico Broilo coltiva 6 ettari in proprietà nella terra dei Colli Orientali del Friuli, precisamente a Prepotto, cerchiamo di esprimere al massimo il territorio quale grande precursore di qualità e tipicità, nei vini, producendoli ancor oggi con caratteri naturali mantenendo intatte le caratteristiche del vitigno. Produciamo la maggior parte autoctoni rossi, tra cui Schioppettino di Prepotto e Refosco dal P.R.; come bianchi Friulano e Ribolla Gialla tutti ottenuti da vecchi cloni centenari ancor presenti in azienda. _____________ " Only a few bunches per plant is our rule which guarantees the excellent quality of our wines " We are of the tenants , that with commitment and dedication respect the territory and identify the wine they produce the characteristics of the grape itself and the Territory of Prepotto . Antico Broilo have 6 hectares land of the eastern hills of Friuli, Prepotto precisely, we try to make the most of the territory as a major precursor of quality and unique characteristics in the wines, still produces characters with preserving the natural characteristics of the grape. We produce most native reds, including Schioppettino di Prepotto and Refosco dal PR; as white Friulano and Ribolla Gialla all clones obtained from old centenarian still present in the company.
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IL RONCALIL RONCAL is a small estate of 20 hectares, terraced on the Montebello Hill, in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, only 3 km away from the historical center of Cividale del Friuli (UNESCO site). Here Martina Moreale carries on the project of her husband Roberto, founder of the winery. Day after day, the diligent care of this land offers its best fruits, harvested to create high-quality wines. Simply the excellence. The estate of IL RONCAL is surrounded by an impressing landscape and by numerous vineyards, grown in a homogenous soil composition and with ideal climatic conditions. It is possible to find different varieties of wine, each presenting its own peculiarities and unique characteristics. Each distinctive feature results from the dedicated passion of our wine growers and from their technical expertise, which throughout the years has lead to perfection. In Friulian (local language), the name “Roncal” means terraced estate on a hill; as a matter of fact, the “ronchi” are the hillsides dominating this striking landscape. The slopes of our vineyards, surrounding the Montebello Hill, are favored by an excellent sun exposure; Additionally, the marl-sandstone soil is ideal for the grape cultivation. IL RONCAL harvest is intentionally postponed in order for the grapes to reach their full ripeness. The wine production continues then within the cellar, where traditional wine methods are followed. Tradition and modernity continue to coexist; for this reason, the sweet-smelling oak barrels, where the wines mature and the fragrances become full-blown, stand near the shiny cold steel basins stands.
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