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Villa Della Torre AllegriniVilla della Torre is a historical jewel of sixteenth century Italian architecture. Its owes its construction, completed around 1560, to Giulio della Torre, a learned intellectual and humanist, involved in significant social, political and religious activities. There are several hypotheses regarding the architectural authorship of the Villa, which even today the locals refer to as “el palasso” (the Palace): contributors to the architectural project included Giulio Romano, the author of Palazzo Te in Mantova during the rule of the Gonzaga dynasty, Michele Sanmicheli, Bartolomeo Ridolfi and Giulio Della Torre himself. His artistic versatility, taste and refined sense of style were well known and appreciated in intellectual circles during that period. The unique character of the villa derives from its conception: it was not merely a country villa built in a utilitarian fashion to serve the agricultural activities of the estate, but also a place designed for the peace and tranquility of the body and soul according to the canons of Latin writers so important in the Italian humanist tradition. While the Villa’s artistic curators concur in attributing the layout of Palazzo della Torre to the precepts of Vitruvius and Pliny The Younger, art historians have more recently also assigned a role to biblical themes, in the sense of a structural progression from the bottom (Hell) towards the top (Heaven), a blend of secular and sacred elements consistent with the profile of the Della Torre family, who balanced their humanist interests with strong ties to the Church. Some members of the family were influential prelates, highly visible in the Verona society of the time.
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Tenute Ugolini - Vignaioli in ValpolicellaThe grounds and vineyards have been part of the Ugolini family since the days of my grandfather. (This is a story known by many of the local people here in Valpolicella. The story tells of a man whose first action every morning was to look out of the window, to check the weather and the countryside.) Our family is made up of three brothers: (myself) Giambattista, Davide and Tiziano. When my father died, about 20 years ago, being the eldest, I decided to take the vineyards into my own hands. It was love at first sight for me, and all of us have always believed in grape cultivation at a high standard, so we invested in the purchase of south-facing vineyards. To make the dream come true, of producing wine from our own grapes, I worked for an important Italian company, far away from home, knowing that one day I would return and work with our vineyards in Fumane. About 10 years ago, I realised that it wasn’t the right time to limit ourselves and sell all the grapes that were grown in our vineyards, but to start winemaking, bottling it and putting our family name to it. This conversion is still taking place today by improving our winemaking assets. For many years, our main focus was an agricultural point of view - the grapevines in the hills, most of the vines were replanted. We also consider the beauty of the landscape, there are 14 kms of small walls that are continually maintained and taken care of which is very laborious. This sacrifice however, helps to preserve this particular characteristic of Valpolicella. We have successfully just finished another project: The purchase of Corte Quaranta – an antique house with a panoramic courtyard of the rural area below the hills of San Michele, near our winery. Now it is ‘Ugolini’ house, the house of our wine. A stunning place where the door is always open to welcome visitors...... We are waiting for you, come and visit us!
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Tenute SalvaTerraTenute SalvaTerra originates from the coming together of the Furia family, boasting deep roots in the Verona area as a producer for over 30 years, and a more innovative component, represented by a group of entrepreneurs who, in addition to the capital, have offered their skills and experiences to build a successful project. The goal of Tenute SalvaTerra is to enhance its vineyards and its wines, linking its brand to the identity of an area, Valpolicella, having many potentials and resources. A unique place which stands out not only for its terroir, where an ideal soil combines with oenological mastery, and where excellent red wines known all over the world are created, but also for the Arts that have developed over the years with great passion. The farm Tenute SalvaTerra S.r.l. is 100% owned by SalvaTerra S.p.A. A club deal is a group of investors who share the risk and/or pool the necessary resources for a single investment. In a club deal, the investment consists in acquiring the shares of the company directly and not through mediated tools such as investment funds. Each investor has decided to invest precisely in our Company, in its history, in its people and its potential. The Furia family, founder of the Company, holds a considerable stake and Mirko Furia still plays a strategic role in the Company. Club deal also means being part of a small number of investors, with whom you can speak face to face and share over time the evolution of the investee company. As in all clubs, however, there must be clear rules and defined roles for the good of the investee company, which requires special skills. Investors are themselves high profile entrepreneurs in their professional context and therefore can contribute contacts and know-how to the project. In particular, one of the investors, Paolo Fontana, having management experience in the industry, is also in charge of leading the Company's operations. Club deal organised by the specialized company Canova Srl.
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Le Bignele Winery - Soc. Agr. Aldrighetti Luigi, Angelo e NiThe history of winery Aldrighetti begins in 1818 with the purchase of some lots around the locality “Bignele”, a place surounded by the nature of the classic Valpolicella hills, near a then small country village called Valgatara (which is now an outlying suburb hamlet of Marano di Valpolicella). From time our family has been of paesant traditions and has tilled the land with passion and devotion for years. Our winary strechs on a hilly land, with 8 hectars of vineyards, located at about 300 meters above sea level, and is runned by the two brothers Luigi and Angelo Aldrighetti together with their children Nicola and Silvia. To keep up with our traditions, our firm is still a family-run business, where work is overseen exclusively by the members of our family; for this reason in our winery everyone performs different duties according to the needs of the period, trying, nevertheless, to do the works that mostly thrills her/him: Angelo is dedicated to the care of the vineyards and of the land, in particular by supervising each grapevine’s phase, whereas in the cellar his brother Luigi takes care of the wine pouring from one cask to another, and he verifyes both the wine level inside the different barrels and makes sure that each type of wine exceeds the most discriminating tastes. Besides the work in the vineyard and in the cellar, Nicola is engaged in the bottling and labelling of each bottle, whilst Silvia is in charge of the commercial and administrative part. In short, everyone has got one’s share of work, but during the most demanding part of the year, the grape-harvest time, we are all joined together in order to offer the best of experience, tradition and technic in the production of Classic Valpolicella wines.
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