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Tenuta di CastellaroTenuta di Castellaro winery is the achievement of an ambitious project, where passion and a dream come together in a perfect combination, creating unrivalled excellence. The ancient Etna vine, grown organically in 30 hectares of vineyard, yields priceless fruit, the basis for refined blends with a unique flavour, the pure expression of the volcanic terrain of Lipari and Etna, pristine locations that embraced us with their harsh natural environment. A Winery tour will not only delight wine experts: the different tastings offered transform every visitor into a great fan of our “nectar of the gods”and the places where it is made. Tenuta di Castellaro is a monument to landscape, art, architecture and technology, which entirely keeps faith with nature and traditions: - the barrique cellar, completely underground and built in the local style, recounts different geological areas through its arches and pillars: 22,000 years of history create a magical environment where our vine is refined and aged in its oaken casks; - the windcatcher tower, built with state-ofthe- art technologies, is absolute environment- friendly; adopting a concept used by ancient populations since the X Century BC, it comprises a thermal labyrinth and a chimney, which create a natural air-conditioning system; - experienced in the stroll through the vineyards, the landscape recalls to mind fragrances and colours that give rise to unforgettable sensations; the sun, which at sunset plunges into the sea between Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, provides the most romantic vision of whatnature can offer.
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