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Vine yard one of the best.

Vine yard one of the best.
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Vini ottimi e persone molto competenti.

Vini ottimi e persone molto competenti.
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Il vino la Favorita lo beveva il...

Il vino la Favorita lo beveva il Re con la Sua amante la Rosina...
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Il vino la Favorita è il più...

Il vino la Favorita è il più buono :)
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About Winery and Wines

Abrigo Giovanni farm has a long family tradition in wine production since 1968.
You are welcome if you want to try the excellence of this product.. We will tell you our history our passion for Langhe's agricultural produce we will show you our tasting room and the best productions of wines and hazelnuts of ours.

The vineyards: it is here that we value the uniqueness of the territory and we do it diversifying the vines. Of the eleven cultivated hectares, nine are at the Municipality of Diano d'Alba: we produce here the grapes for Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Barbera d'Alba and Favorita; the other two hectares are at Novello, on the Ravera vineyard where Barolo's nebbiolos are cultivated, and they will produce the first Abrigo Giovanni Barolo's bottles which will be on the market by 2017.

Among the vineyards, it is important to refer to the "Sori", a word that identifies the best exposure to the sun, receiving the right amount of heat, combined to the microclimate and the height (400-450 meter above sea level), allows the complete ripening of the grape, to create a wine with all the aroma and flavor of the Langhe.

The "Sori" of the Dolcetto is similar to the Barolo cru, because the land here expresses its best. For consumer protection and product traceability, in 1986 the map of the "sori" was done by the Municipality of Diano d'Alba.

Sori Crava: from these vineyards we produce the Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba Sori Crava. This hill has southwest exposure and a height of 400 m a s l, the vines have an average age of 30 years and they create a wine of a dry but cool flavor, and a fragrant and persistent aroma. You can feel the clay of the land in this wine.

Garabei: this is an old and precious vineyard, exposed south-west, at a height of 350 m asl. Its strains are about 50 years.


Parking Free

Wine Tasting

We organize 3 type of wine tasting / Potete scegliere 3 tipi di esperienze sensoriali:
1) “TASTING” in an ancient wine cellar, special experiences in the middle of the oak barrels for Barolo aging. 5 wines for tasting and some surprises. Maximum 10 people each tasting. Reservation required. (additional fee required)
"DEGUSTAZIONE" nell'antica cantina vi proponiamo un'esperienza speciale tra le botti di affinmento del Barolo. 5 vini in degustazione e qualche sorpresa. Massimo 10 persone. Prenotazione obbligatoria. Degustazione a pagamento
2) “HOW TO BECOME A WINE TASTER” From basic to advanced, a tasting that goes beyond the regular tastings. The member will be involved in a unique sensory experience , with the expert guidance of the wine producer . The wine tells the history of the area. Reservation required. (additional fee required)
"MINI CORSO DI DEGUSTAZIONE" dal livello base all'avanzato, una degustazione che sarà un'esperienza unica con la guida esperta del produttore. Il vino racconta la storia del territorio. Prenotazione obbligatoria.
3) “VINEYARDS TOUR” Walking-tours in the vineyards, for those who are interested in learning more on different grapes: how they look, how is the soil, and all wonders of its natural environment. After your walk, you can stop at the tasting room and taste the wines made from the vineyards you’ve just seen.
Reservations required (additional fee required)
"PASSEGGIATA NEI VIGNETI" Un giro nei vigneti per chi vuole capire le differenze tra i diversi vitigni, per vedere il terreno e il paesaggio naturale. Dopo la passeggiata vi potrete fermare per la degustazione dei vini prodotti dai vigneti che avete visitato. Prenotazione obbligatoria.

Wine Sale

The bottles you like are ready for sell in the winery: Possibilità di acquistare in cantina i vini che preferite: DOLCETTO DI DIANO D'ALBA DOCG - BARBERA D'ALBA DOC- LANGHE FAVORITA DOC - NEBBIOLO D'ALBA DOC - BAROLO RAVERA DOCG - LANGHE ARNEIS
Spedizione in tutta Italia alle migliori condizioni,

Pet Friendly

Meeting/Congress Area

Sala degustazione da 50 posti con possibilità di videoproiezione immagini.
Tasting room for 50 people,