About Winery and Wines

To improve upon a wine that already comes from one of the world’s most prestigious terroirs, there is only one road to take: study and know the vineyards, their soil, and the natural and man-made environment that surrounds them. It is during this phase that the soul of the wine forms; and it is when the work of the viticulturist understands and interprets its character, allowing the grapes to express their differences. Elvio Cogno proceeded with vineyard management with this mindset, emphasizing the idea that true progress in the enological field coincides with agriculture and organic practices, believing that methods and interventions should be practiced in full respect of the environment, humans, and workers. Sustainability is the winery’s long-term goal. Therefore, the winery began the conversion towards organic production several years ago for practices that will be followed once European certification is obtained. In addition to certification, the winery ensures a healthy vineyard ecosystem and environmental biodiversity by eliminating synthetic treatments and fertilizers in the vineyards and the use of chemicals and invasive practices in the cellars.