About Winery and Wines

Endowed with a strong sense of country tradition, the family really contributed to the birth of “Gavi”, helping in its success and keeping on producing this great wine up today, through the efforts of three generations.

La Chiara Farm lies a few Kilometres from Gavi centre, on the hills of Ligurian Pre-Apennine. The farm estate owns 20 hectares vineyards, cultivated according to the passion and the tradition of Bergaglio Family.

The peculiar vines exposure, the soil varieties and the special microclimate originate a complex and refined wine, gifted with an irresistible fascination, testifying the high-quality vocation of this region.
Bergaglio Farm firmly believes in the principle that great wines come from vines firs of all; therefore they devote themselves entirely to the most careful cultivation of vines, strictly respecting the territory and the environment. Severe pruning and a constant thinning out allow lower yelds but higly better quality levels.

The vintage is completely handmade and the grape harvest is carried out in boxes, especially grapes for Cru.The Farm welcome its customers in a modern cellar and a comfortable tasting room.

The farm boasts a modern cellar with steel thermo-conditioned vats, pneumatic presses, layer, vacuum, siliceous earth filters, and sterile bottling line. In addition, it also has a hall to receive the customers during the week.