Ottimo vino.

Ottimo vino.
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About Winery and Wines

The first harvest is still on my mind. It was September 2004. It was almost like a party for all my family. I was just twenty and fully responsible for the success or failure of our first grape harvest. Everything ought to be perfect. The first fermentations of white Malvasia, collected close to the cellar, the first decanting. The first labels with our brand name and the first cases shipped overseas. Joys, worries and fears. Somebody appreciated our job, others didn’t trust it. However, year after year, harvest after harvest we have succeeded. I am still looking personally after the exclusively hand-made grape harvesting, in boxes. Just like in the past, the whole family participate actively, following the whole process in the vineyard. Every year we harvest only the grapes grown in our vineyards, about 1000 qli of local grapes such as Nero di Troia, white Malvasia, Bombino bianco etc. And every year we bottle and refine in our underground cellars about 70000 bottles to be shipped both on a national and international level. Is it that all? No, absolutely. We not only work in our vineyards and cellars, but also outside, by promoting our territory, supporting our productions, continuously looking for local Apulian vines as well as experimenting innovative wine-making technologies aiming at drastically reducing the human impact on wines.

There are two main ingredients in this story: the Mazzone family and their passion for this land. Everything started in the ‘70s when Domenico, Francesco’s father, Giuseppe and Massimo inherited from their father little but selected plots of land near Ruvo. Vineyards, orchards and olive groves were the typical scenario at that time, that eventually has become the farm reality. However, the factory took its shape after Francesco, the elder son, got his diploma as an enotecnician at the institute in Locorotondo and later on the title of enologist at Ancona university: from that moment on the dream became true. The building of the underground cellar, realizing new and modern vineyard installations, the purchase of the first casks and barrique made of French oak from the Garbellotto factory, the glittering steel tanks for vinification, were the first real step towards the future new life.