About Winery and Wines

The Panizzari agricultural firm starts at the end of the 19th century, from the love that grandfather Angelo had for the wine that the old farmer tradition has been able to pass on from generation to generation. As years passed my father Giovanni Battista and later I, have reinforced our production with a qualified survey and development of our vineyards following strict methods of production that determine the high quality of our product. Since then and even now our relationship with clients has always been direct. This has permitted us to satisfy their needs and better our wine.

The varieties we grow are mainly those of our tradition of wine-growing areas, especially for the red grapes. In contrast to the wine world, our company prefers to keep its historical roots. In fact, most production (about 65%) is given from the vineyards of Barbera and Uva Rara Croatina, are eligible to become members of “San Colombano DOC Rosso”. For the white grapes most products are covered by the vine Verdea, a native type vinified only in St. Columban; other grapes grown in our vineyards are red, Pinot Noir and a little Cabernet, while white grapes
All the grapes are vinified in that we produce at our own company . The collection starts from early grapes : the first of all is the Chardonnay , a white grape variety that matures roughly between the middle and the end of August. Then he picks up the Pinot Noir and , from September to mid-October , we start with the Malvasia di Candia , Riesling , Barbera , Croatina , Uva Rara and last Verdea . A small part of Malvasia , one that grows in the best vineyards , is harvested in mid-October in order to produce the … meditating … a raisin to great effect. This is then placed in special racks for drying , where he remained until Christmas. It is then crushed and the must is placed in special oak barrels for at least 2 years. It ‘ a unique product of its kind because it does not add mistelles or alcohol , but the alcohol content is only produced in a natural way , from the large amount of sugar that you get with the flash off .



The idea of the farm holidays was established in 1997 when , following a corporate restructuring , instead of building an ugly retaining wall to support the bottling hall we decided to use the space below drawing inspiration from the old cellar of his grandfather Angelo. Once ready it was so large that it was sorry only use it to make a simple stock , so after appropriate modifications turned it into a tasting room , with wide planks and benches postponing thought the old taverns of yesteryear . Our specialties are first of all our wines paired with our production of vegetables , pork , chicken and turkey , furred game , homemade and local produce such as meats, cheeses and beef farms of our associates . You can enjoy , for example , the classic Milanese cassoeula , busecca , a delicious stew of wild boar with polenta, or a simple plate of salami and raspadura Lodi . For the time required for preparation of some dishes, a reservation is required .